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Best Free HTML Editor


HTML text editors are fine for programmers or those who are comfortable coding (X)HTML, PHP and CSS, but many users have no interest in this. They just want an editor that allows them to produce web pages quickly in a WYSIWYG environment.

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Whether code-based or WYSIWYG, the ideal HTML editor should be able to validate that the HTML is standards-compliant, preview the page in different browsers, support meta-tags and provide basic image editing, while still being free. An included FTP client is a bonus.


KompoZerOne of the best free editors is KompoZer, our top recommendation for newbies. It's designed for non-technical computer users who want to create an attractive web site without needing to know HTML.  Features include integrated file management (upload to and edit files on a web server), tabbed editing (allowing work on multiple pages), and support for forms, tables and templates.

KompoZer's last stable release was in 2007, and the last Beta (development version) was released in February 2010.

Worth watching is BlueGriffon, which is a fork of KompoZer, currently under active development and looking very promising.


AmayaAnother good editor is Amaya. It's a project from the The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and so shines in the area of standards compliance and accessibility.

Amaya lets users both browse and author web pages, which enables easy copying and pasting of information from other web pages and easy creation of links to other websites.  You can seamlessly upload your web pages onto a server from within Amaya as well.

HTML Text Editors

My top choice for experienced users goes to Netbeans. It started life as a Java Editor but with recent releases has developed into a powerful text editor for web scripting. It is Vista and Windows 7 compatible.

At first glance, Netbeans is a little intimidating. Most of the menu items can be ignored by ordinary mortals. Using it as an HTML/PHP editor is akin to using a steam hammer to crack a peanut. Nevertheless the code completion, code colouring and the professional look and feel make it an excellent choice.

Netbeans supports: HTML and XHTML, CSS, PHP (Version 6.5 and later), Java SE, JavaFX, Web & Java EE, Java ME, Ruby, C/C++ and more.


HTML-KitMy second choice is HTML-Kit which began as a specialized html editor but now has so many plugins that it is a highly customizable and extensible development environment. The latest freeware release is build 292, and plug-ins continue to be developed and extended, keeping this software very up to date. HTML-Kit is compatible with Vista and is also portable.

HTML-Kit offers support for HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, XSL, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, PHP, JSP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Java, VB, C/C++, .NET C#, Delphi / Pascal, Lisp, SQL, and more.

Over the years, both Netbeans and HTML-Kit have attracted large communities, so the support forums are very good. Their websites are full of video tutorials and resources.

Both Netbeans and HTML-Kit are excellent choices for serious coders, offering support for many file types including HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, XSL, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, PHP, JSP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Java, VB, C/C++, .NET C#, Delphi / Pascal, Lisp, SQL, and more.


AptanaAptana Studio, which is based on the well-known, open-source Eclipse IDE that is popular among Java developers, focuses on modern web 2.0 development techniques.

It features optimizations for Javascript, HTML, Ajax, Ruby on Rails, PHP, CSS and many others.

Aptana Studio plugins enable source control and over 1,000 other third-party extensions.

There is a pro version (which includes a few other features), but the free version is more then enough for any web developer (from beginner to advance). I personally love Aptana studio, and recommend it to any developer wanting a full featured IDE for building websites, web applications, desktop applications (with the adobe air plugin), etc.


PSPadFinally, for advanced users who work in various programming environments, there is PSPad. It's a general-purpose programming editor with html syntax highlighting.

This small tool has simple controls and handles plain text, yet is extremely capable.  Saying you use PSPad for your coding scores you immediate points for technical machismo.

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Gizmo's Freeware award as the best product in its class!

Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
7.6 MB
32 and 64 bit versions available
Unrestricted freeware
A portable version of this product is available from the developer.
Windows All, Mac OSX, Linux
Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
Standards compliance and accessibility
Some features are very complex for beginners. WYSIWYG rendering is not very good. Doesn't recognize PHP pages.
13.88 MB
32 bit but 64 bit compatible
Unrestricted freeware
There is no portable version of this product available.
Windows All, Mac, Linux

v11.4.7 released 18 April, 2013
View the release history here

From the developers website:
"Snapshot 11.4.7 - Security fix (18 April 2013)

This snapshot contains a security fix for a problem with the libwww as, in some cases, user password could be sent in the clear through https.
This problem concerns only people who use the PUT capability of Amaya over SSL."
It is available from the download link above.


This software review is copy-edited by Ian Richards. Please help edit and improve this article by clicking here.


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by Anupam on 29. March 2010 - 13:20  (46429)

Came across this.

PageBreeze :

by Anonymous on 5. March 2010 - 21:59  (45070)

I love this simple html editor for Mac: SeaMonkey: . It's free and open source. Thanks.

by MidnightCowboy on 6. March 2010 - 9:58  (45090)

The integrated mail client in Seamonkey is also worth checking out if you like your browser to be so equipped. I much prefer it to Opera.

by Anonymous on 2. March 2010 - 13:49  (44866)

I tried to get KompoZer but it is in a BitZip format and my usual program for getting into zipped files will not do it in this case. Could this be a free program that you cannot get without paying for it???

by Anupam on 2. March 2010 - 14:03  (44867)

Which link are you using to download? Kompozer is a free software, and you do not have to pay for it. On the download page of Kompozer, link is given to download it, and it seems to be in the usual zip format.

by Anonymous on 2. March 2010 - 16:06  (44873)

I am using the one in this article. It is a BZ file and I cannot open it with my zip program. Everything I have tried to get to open it requires $. The KompoZer file itself is free. Getting something to open is not.

by bobicool on 2. March 2010 - 16:29  (44874)

Your are sure that you are using ?
What version are you trying to install?

Use this link to download the windows file:

by Anonymous on 3. March 2010 - 15:15  (44930)

It was. Before, when I clicked the download button on the page that showed, I got the bz file. It is an executable now, but kompozer does not run. I had to copy the msvcr70.dll to the system directory as it would not run without it. Then, it stopped giving an error message but would not run either. alas.

Thanks anyway. I was nice of you to try. :)

by Anonymous on 5. March 2010 - 12:56  (45049)

what operating system are you using?

I've used Komposer for years on LnuxMint, Ubuntu 9.10, Windows XP, Vista and 7. The only issues with installing it I've had are with 0.7 on Linux, as stated on the Komposer website (0.8 works). Sourceforge might be misreading the OS version you have, and letting you d/l the wrong package.

by Anonymous on 1. March 2010 - 12:52  (44786)

Okay.. I agreed that this site is for free softwares.
Is it reasonable to start a new thread for free webhosting services?
What you guys think?

Its so hard to find a good free hosting (cpannel) provider.
Now don't ask me why you need a free hosting?

by kendall.a on 1. March 2010 - 17:30  (44805)

We have a thread in our forums on this very topic. Please follow this link to find the thread:

by Anonymous on 24. February 2010 - 15:39  (44379)

I downloaded KompoZer from your link. It took hours (no high speed where I live). The Source Forge download button said "Windows" but the file had a .tar.bz2 extension which seems to be a Linux zip format. I am currently downloading an earlier version (0.7.10) from this link:

where it is labeled "Win32 tarball" which downloads a zip file about a sixth of the size of the Linux version. I hope it works.


by Anonymous on 16. April 2010 - 14:44  (47781)

so did i but it took a long time due to the low internet speed... so i know ur feeling on the internet speed...

by bobicool on 24. February 2010 - 23:48  (44431)

The link provided in the article is pointing to the official KompoZer website...From there you should go on the download page and chose the version rigth for you (or click on the big rectangle saying: Download! KompoZer 0.7.10 which is for the windows version)

The link to the download page is:

Hope this solves your problem...If not, don't be shy to tell me.
Have a good day!


by Anupam on 24. February 2010 - 16:00  (44383)

Which link did you use? On the link given in the article :

The big orange button written "Download! Kompozer 0.7.10" does offer a Windows download, and I clicked on it, and it started a Windows download for me. Had you tried that link? Even by placing the mouse over the link, you can see the link points to a Windows download.

by Anonymous on 31. January 2010 - 16:02  (42473)

What about NVU?

by Anonymous on 3. February 2010 - 21:01  (42719)

Komposer is based off of Nvu which is now discontinued

by bobicool on 9. February 2010 - 22:39  (43215)

And is a better product than NVU overall

by Anonymous on 11. December 2009 - 18:39  (38318)

all you'll ever need is notepad++ and a few plugins.

by Anonymous on 2. December 2009 - 7:41  (37677)

I personally like Microsoft Sharepoint Designer 2007 - It has a drag and drop interface for items, html editor, etc.

by Anonymous on 16. November 2009 - 3:15  (36702)

Why are we talking about Visual Web Developer Express Edition when it is not able to publish the website you create using it?

Who wonts free cripple-ware?

by Fireboy241 on 13. December 2009 - 2:32  (38476)

You use Visual Web Developer to develop and Filezilla to publish via FTP.

by bobicool on 16. December 2009 - 19:08  (38821)


by Anonymous on 1. December 2009 - 20:25  (37640)

As I said in last post I use Trellian. But I don't use it to publish, I use coreftp which has never let me down. There is the option in the preferences to publish from Trellian using coreftp or whichever ftp client you have.

by Anonymous on 1. December 2009 - 18:04  (37627)

I use Trellian Webpage for WYSIWYG. Its easy to use, gets updated, has a good manual and is far better and less buggy than Kompozer. You can use Photoshop Plugins, although I haven't tried yet.

by Anonymous on 13. October 2009 - 20:51  (34585)

VIM! how could you guys forget vim??? Vim made my life 1000 times better. Using only the keyboard to edit documents was extremely freeing. it however does have a steep learning curve, stick with it for like a week (month even better) make it your default editor, and take the tutor (30mins in length) and with all that done, you'll probably start to get the hang of it.

Then you'll recognize how awesome it is to be able to push 3 letters to replace the contents the insides of tags or being able to do things that where hard (turning a horribly formated list into a HTML table?) easy as cake.

Gah there is sooo much to offer that no editor (except perhaps emacs) can do. it is hard to learn BUT it's worth it!.

by Anonymous on 29. August 2009 - 1:39  (31789)

Indico o Notepad++

by bobicool on 19. November 2009 - 12:27  (36907)

I'm curently testing Notepad++, expect to see the review soon.

by Anonymous on 1. November 2009 - 17:14  (35592)

No UTF, so it sucks.

by Super2cool on 9. August 2009 - 21:53  (26711)

There is a problem with the Quick Selection Guide..

alt="" src="">