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Best Free Android Apps

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6. Best Free Desktop and System for Android


Best Free Program Launcher for Android

GO Launcher EX (7.6 MB), support multiple home screens with a pinch to quick jump to any of them, enhanced with themes, resizable widgets and a more powerful app drawer, where you can choose to close all running programs at one go, clear history, hide apps or add a folder to group apps. User preferences can be set for display, dock, app drawer, operation and more.
LauncherPro (2.1 MB), increase number of home screens up to 7 and set which one to be the default, with animated screen previews, app launcher with fly-in effect and enhanced scrolling, shortcut dock and smooth scrolling between home screens with no lagging.
Apps Organizer (623 KB), allows you to access your apps more quickly via labels or widgets like Internet, Multimedia, Games, Tools or other groups you create. Smart, easy to use, and your home screens are no more cluttered with too many program shortcuts.

Best Free Onscreen Keyboard for Android

GO Keyboard (5.3 MB), a popular onscreen keyboard with support for multiple languages and keyboard layouts, correct words as you type, suggest words from the dictionary, sms and contacts, Emoji and fantasy text output, touch-and-slide to select a key variation, keypress sound varieties, voice recognition, themes and plugins.
Google Gesture Search (842 KB), find a contact, a bookmark, an application, or even a music track on your device by drawing alphabets and/or numbers on the screen, and instantly launch the app associated with the search result.

Best Free Wallpaper Changer for Android

PicSpeed HD Wallpapers (477 KB), browse more than 170,000 HD beautiful wallpapers by categories in high speed on the Internet, mark the ones you like most as your favorites and cycle them for your wallpaper at a time interval you set.
Flikie Wallpapers HD (2.7 MB), auto change wallpapers from a selected folder or online from Flikie at time intervals you set, and allow you to search, save and share high quality wallpapers from a great resource.
Backgrounds HD Wallpapers (144 KB), search popular wallpapers and tap one you like to set as wallpaper or add to your favorites list. You can also enable slideshow to auto rotate wallpapers from the list at fixed time intervals.

Best Free Task Manager for Android

Advanced Task Killer (160 KB), just one tap to instantly conserve memory or stop your selected apps from running without the need to wait until the system does it for you. You can also touch and hold a running task from the list, then from the context menu select 'ignore' to move it to an ignore list, or force stop that particular running app or service.

Best Free Task Switcher for Android

Task Switcher (150 KB), press the Home button to reveal the open apps, tap one of them to jump to it or tap and hold to close it. Press the Home button again and you are back to the Home page. You can also use this tool to select your preferred Home app and show widgets.

Best Free Default App Manager for Android

Default App Manager Lite (940 KB), which is your default browser or music player? Try this app which gives you a list of apps whether they are set to run by default and allows you to set or reset any of them easily, saving you the trouble of going through multiple steps to change a default app.

Best Free Installer for Android

Easy Installer (93 KB), search and install applications (.apk files) from your SD card, with batch install, filtering and sorting. What's more? long press an apk file to do more, for instance, sending an app to friends by email.

Best Free Uninstaller for Android

Easy Uninstaller (62 KB), search and sort the apps by name, size or date and multi-select those you wish to uninstall from your device. It makes the process easier and quicker.

Best Free Battery Saver for Android

JuiceDefender - battery saver (828 KB), extend the battery life of your Android device easily with just one tap, as it equips with preset profiles and automatically manages battery draining components for you. Some advanced features are limited to the paid version.
Battery Dr saver (1.1 MB), view battery usage by display, cell standby, Wi-Fi, phone idle and the system; check battery temperature, level and health; turn off unused services, kill tasks and adjust screen and volume to save battery life. See also Task Manager.

Best Free Remote Desktop for Android

AirDroid (3.7 MB), easy to use with a clean and excellent interface—just run it and press Start on your mobile to get an address, enter it into a web browser on your PC, log in with a default password, you can then interact with your Android device wirelessly over a local Wi-Fi by clicking some pretty icons from your PC browser.
WiFi File Explorer (1.8 MB), access files on your mobile from a PC browser and copy files between two devices via a local WiFi connection without needing a cable. You can also drag-and-drop files and folders around your device. Some features such as create a new folder, zip and unzip files, transfer multiple files are only available for the paid-for Pro version.
Browsix Lite (844 KB), browse the contents of your phone easily from a PC via wireless connection—just enter in your browser and you can view pictures, play music and videos on your PC. You can also send and receive SMS from the PC too. Some features such as file operations didn't work well when tested.

Best Free Automation Tool or Profile Changer for Android

Llama - Location Profiles (2.3 MB), annoyed at your phone going off at midnight? Use this handy app to change your phone profile to silent or quiet mode automatically during preset time. You can also add more events such as turn off Wifi, switch to airplane mode or take other actions on the conditions you set.
AutomateIt (4.3 MB), automate your device by the rules you set—if this is triggered then do that for me. Easy to use, just select a trigger and an action from the lists, tap Save and it does the jobs for you whenever the conditions are met.

Best Free System Monitor for Android

SystemPanel Lite (710 KB), a good system monitor to show usage of CPU, memory and storage, network traffic, active applications and internal system processes. It also doubles up as a task manager to terminate applications. See also Task Manager.

Best Free System Information for Android

Elixir 2 (5.7 MB), displays detailed info of your device: battery, internal and external storage, processor, memory, telephony, Wi-Fi, bluetooth, location, display, airplane mode, sync settings, ringing mode, camera, camcorder, installed applications, running processes, services and tasks.

Best Free System Toolbox for Android

ZDbox (3.0 MB), a handy and superb multi-purpose toolbox including Battery Info, 2G/3G Traffic, Silent Mode, App Lock, Task Killer, Uninstaller and App to SD all in one place. Clean and simple user interface with key status available at a glance and a quick tap to use any tools.

Best Free Widget Maker for Android

Widgetsoid (2.7 MB), making new widgets on your home screens has never been easier than this—long press a homescreen and tap Widget, select a size of Widgetsoid Switcher, tick the items you need from the various sections and click Apply. That's it and you can do more with many customization options.

Best Free Clipboard Manager for Android

Clipper (1.2 MB), a simple yet powerful clipboard and snippet manager for your mobile device to keep track of anything you copied to the clipboard and make it available right from the notification bar to view, edit and paste.

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by Av_Crazy on 20. September 2011 - 12:04  (79947)

Elixir has been updated to version 2 with more awesome features and widgets

and other apps worth considering -
browser texting
bunny shooter [ 5 stars in market right now ]
equalizer [ increase sound output ]
appbrain [ keep track of apps ]
go contacts ex
friendcaster - alternative to facebook
go book - constantly updated
go keyboard
robo defense - original tower defense game

by NCTreasure (not verified) on 20. September 2011 - 14:15  (79958)

Try Mr Number to block calls and texts from numbers you don't want to talk to. It is by far my favorite app. You can add groups such as all blocked/private calls as well as by what the number starts with. For example, you can block all calls that start with 800, 877, 866, etc. You can choose to also block texts from the numbers whose calls you have blocked. You can also choose whether you want these calls to go straight to your voicemail, or if you want your phone to pick up and hang up on these callers.

by NCTreasure (not verified) on 20. September 2011 - 14:22  (79959)

Try Mr Number to block calls and texts from numbers you don't want to talk to. It is by far my favorite app. You can add to your blocklist from contacts, or add groups such as all blocked/private calls as well as by what the number starts with. For example, you can block all calls that start with 800, 877, 866, etc. You can choose to also block texts from the numbers whose calls you have blocked. You can also choose whether you want these calls to go straight to your voicemail, or if you want your phone to pick up and hang up on these callers.

by Anonymous123 (not verified) on 20. September 2011 - 22:36  (79979)

Another class of application: "Best Free Ad Blocker".

Recommend "AdFree Android" by

It turns out that there is an etc\hosts file on android, which means that specific IP addresses can be diverted to la-la-land. Addresses of AdMob servers, for example, can be changed from AdMob to a site that will never respond. Thus all the applications that show ads will never receive any ads to display. Elegant!

The list is updated via the (optional automatic) marketplace application update process, so it can stay current.

I have no association with BigTinCan -- I just like the product!

by Av_Crazy on 21. September 2011 - 18:49  (80056)

For adfree to work phone needs to be rooted

by Anonymous123 (not verified) on 22. September 2011 - 20:23  (80139)

Maybe we need a "Best rooting (unlocking) app"? [grin]

Try "Revolutionary: S-OFF & Recovery Tool 0.4pre4" documented at

The program actually runs on your Linux or Windows PC with the phone connected to the USB port.

One more update, SU, [link to direct file edited out] will be needed to allow the SuperUser application to authorize apps like AdFree when they are launched.

Rooting the phone is a 5 step process.

1. Attach you phone to a USB port on the PC.

When/if the phone asks how to connect to the PC, select the "mass storage" or "external drive" option. The phone will be just like any USB thumb-drive.

(PS: you can now copy your music or pictures to/from the phone. Look in the DCIM and Media folders.)

2. Run Revolutionary on your PC.

This will unlock the phone's secure storage and install a "recover program".

Note there will be a reboot involved, which will disconnect the phone as a mass storage device. Repeat step 1) if it doesn't automatically reattach.

3. Copy the superuser zip file (don't unzip it) to the root directory of the SD card/external storage device.

Revolutionary will have changed the phone's hardware security settings to allow this. I just "dragged and dropped it".

4. Power off the phone and reboot into "recovery mode".

This starts the recovery program Revolutionary installed. It is a method of doing maintenance, somewhat analogous to powering on a PC and entering setup instead of booting Windows.

For my HTC phone, I hold the volume down button while I press the power button and quickly get a text mode menu driven program.

The recover menu will have a "flash the rom" option. This automatically finds the SU zip and applies it as an update. This update enables SuperUser to work.

After the rom is flashed, use the "reboot" option to reboot the phone.

5. Go to the market and install the "Superuser" application. This application watches for other applications to request superuser status, and (after prompting you) upgrades their privileges so the can successfully run as a superuser.

Sorry for the long post. Maybe I should write an article explaining all the "slang" and processes power users have for jail-breaking there Android phones?

by MidnightCowboy on 23. September 2011 - 6:26  (80163)

"Revolutionary comes with NO WARRANTY (express or implied), and NO GUARANTEE OF FITNESS for any particular task. Although we have attempted to minimize the risk the best we can, the authors disclaim any chance of damage to your phone. The entire risk of running Revolutionary lies with you, the user".

I believe this is best avoided at this stage unless you are a developer.

by Av_Crazy on 23. September 2011 - 8:36  (80177)

Rooting is not such a tedious process and every phone has got its own rooting method which can be found on other forums...and rooting is not for the average joe...if anyone wants to root there phone they can just search the net

by abhay2009 on 24. September 2011 - 12:13  (80252)

Dear Jojoyee,

Pl consider the following very good apps:
1. app Backup & Restore by Infolife LLC - this app is very good at backing up apps such that you can automate the process of backing up at the time of installation itself as it automatically backs up the latest version once it is installed. You can also decide how many versions to keep. This has totally automated the process of backing up my apps, such that I need not worry about manually backing up everytime I do updates.
2. Hearing Saver - it is very handy and useful app in the sense that it locks the media volume you set while hearing music with earphones attached and mutes the media volume once the earphones are unplugged.
3. Default App Manager - it has provided me a windows like options on android.
You will surely add these to the list, such is the usefulness of them.

by Jojo Yee on 26. September 2011 - 2:07  (80326)

App Backup & Restore is a good addon to the list Abhay2009. Other suggested apps are being tried while this list is split into multi pages for quicker page loading.

[Update: Default App Manager added to the list.]

by deetailed on 2. October 2011 - 13:34  (80741)

I'm gonna recommend Financisto ( in the Personal Finance category. I've tried a lot of personal finance manager apps including Expense Manager that you recommend, and Financisto blows all of them out of the water IMO. It has good UI, many functions including filtering, custom categories & currency, can handle multiple accounts, can backup to SD and export to CSV, PIN lock... There's a considerable learning curve there but once you're used to it, it's working great. Moreover, there's no external content function like market rate, news, stocks. That is another plus for me (may be different for those who actually use those).

by Jojo Yee on 2. October 2011 - 15:06  (80746)

Good suggestion Vahid. AutomateIt added to the list.

by Akshay Suvarna on 3. October 2011 - 8:58  (80793)

hey thanks Nimitha! thats a great app!

by Av_Crazy on 4. October 2011 - 3:58  (80836)

Conmigo - expense manager
elixir - u still have not updated it
picturen lite - alternative to quickpic
maxthon - good browser
fireworks - another excellent game

by saeed beydaghi (not verified) on 4. October 2011 - 7:46  (80849)

Angry Birds

by Droid dude (not verified) on 4. October 2011 - 9:19  (80851)

I really liked Zlango messaging. it's an icon texting app, and it's still free

by MidnightCowboy on 4. October 2011 - 9:21  (80852)

Is already included - see page 12

by PunaJim (not verified) on 5. October 2011 - 5:24  (80906)

I don't have an Android phone, but I do have an {Pandigital} S3C6410ANDROID ADB, and I have no programs and not much more then an operating system and two games. Solatary and Links. Other then that, I have nothing. I'd like to get some of the games on here and some of the apps as well. but I don't have a Android Phone so this web page is not letting me get any thing.

Please help... I just bought this yesterday.


by esfritzi (not verified) on 7. October 2011 - 23:05  (81075)

Take it back for a refund and look at the new Kindle tablet, which uses the Android operating system.

by Anonymous! (not verified) on 7. October 2011 - 23:49  (81077)

I believe the reader comes with SlideME marketplace to download apps. Or you can go with the Amazon App Store for android. To use Amazon, configure your included email client, then in the browser, go to their app store to download the app store app to the reader - follow their very good instrutions - and go from there. I don't think Google Android Marketplace is supported.

by Anonymous! (not verified) on 7. October 2011 - 23:50  (81078)

Pandigital uses the Android OS.

by Jojo Yee on 9. October 2011 - 10:46  (81144)

Financisto is a good recommendation Deetailed. Thanks and added to the list.

by okrick on 18. October 2011 - 6:52  (81643)


I feel Google Sky should be included in the Educational category. Download the app then hold the phone up next to any part of the night sky. The default display orients to the direction perpendicular to the display, e.g. the display shows roughly the portion of sky that would be shown in the built in camera.

Come to think of it, I'll include the app on the free astronomy page.


by Jojo Yee on 18. October 2011 - 13:49  (81657)

Absolutely that's a fun and good educational app, Rick, and I would agree it will be a good add-on to your review article Best Free Astronomy Software. I tried this app sometime ago and quite liked it but somehow it was missing from my to-be-reviewed list. Thanks for the suggestion and it's now added to the list here.

by Jojo Yee on 20. October 2011 - 14:36  (81785)

GO Keyboard is a good suggestion Av-Crazy. Added now to the list.
Thanks for your many other suggestions too. Some of which are in my to-be-reviewed list and I'll test them out one by one whenever I can get some free time.

by RAD (not verified) on 21. October 2011 - 9:26  (81829)

If you are into music apps, you may wanna check our new radio app for android we've just launched and tell us what you think. The app is for free and offers more than 4000 international radio stations and podcasts. We are constantly adding new stations and if you can't find your favorite we'll add it. Hope you enjoy!

by bernardz on 21. October 2011 - 11:07  (81838)

Profile Timer Free, a simple but quite a useful app. It lets you set your profile in silent for a period of time, say a movie or a meeting then it reverts back to normal.

It would great if it had a location there just in case you left early.

by bernardz on 21. October 2011 - 11:09  (81839)

Wifi Analysiser is one I use a lot, it tells me what Wifi connections are available and how strong they are.

by Av_Crazy on 21. October 2011 - 12:59  (81850)

Ok take ur time

by oborm (not verified) on 27. October 2011 - 8:44  (82222)

I would suggest to use NetQin Mobile Security I think its better then Lookout.