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2. Best Free Home & Office for Android

Best Free Office Suite for Android

Quickoffice (17 MB), create and edit Microsoft Office documents including Word, Excel and Powerpoint files without the need to convert to Google Docs. You can store the documents in Google Drive for access anywhere online, or save them locally on your mobile device for working offline.
Kingsoft Office (Free) (13 MB), view, create and edit Microsoft office documents including Word, Excel and Powerpoint with multiple supported file formats such as txt, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt and pptx. Basic editing and formatting tools are mostly available.
See also: Google Drive

Best Free PDF Reader for Android

Adobe Reader (6.6 MB), view PDF files clearly on selectable viewing modes such as fit-to-screen, continuous scroll or reflow text, supports for multi-touch zoom and navigation, and sharing PDF files via bluetooth or email.

Best Free E-Book Reader for Android

FBReader (3.6 MB), a highly customisable ebook reader with non-nonsense menus delivers an excellent way to read an ebook. The app supports epub, rtf, fb2 (.zip), mobi, and plain text file formats, text-to-speak and other plugins, and integrates with external dictionaries. (Review)
Moon+ Reader (5.7 MB), read books in various formats such as ePub, txt, html, chm, fb2, umd or zip, with user settings for visuals, controls and themes. You can also bookmark, highlight, add notes and lookup words, and get free ebooks from online libraries. (Review)
Cool Reader (6.5 MB) supports a multitude of ebook formats including epub (non-DRM), fb2, doc, txt, rtf, html, chm, tcr, pdb, prc, mobi (non-DRM), and pml, with loads of settings such as bookmarks, text to speech, fonts, etc., that make reading a book more interesting. (Review)

Best Free Comic Book Reader for Android

Perfect Viewer (3.7 MB), equipped with five viewing modes to fit your screen, this fast comic viewer supports archive file formats including cbz/zip, cbr/rar, 7z/cb7 and lzh and common image formats such as jpg, png, gif and bmp. It also supports viewing pdf files with Perfect Viewer PDF Plugin which is also free.
A Comic Viewer (673 KB), a lightweight comic book reader opens various file formats including cbz/zip, acv, cbr/rar, jpeg, png and bmp. Some useful features include scale images to suit your screen height or width, adjust screen brightness, and set left-to-right or right-to-left reading to your liking.

Best Free Calendar for Android

Jorte (5.8 MB), a good calendar in a monthly or weekly view with a scheduler function and other useful features such as data import and export, acquire national holidays, sync events and tasks with Google calendar and more.
aCalendar (1.1 MB), a free versatile calendar with no ads, uses Android's native calendar backend and sync, shows text in day, week and even month views, with flexible recurrences, adjustable font size, fullscreen widgets and other user settings to the way you want.
Calendar Pad (316 KB), better than the default calendar that comes with your Android devices, it allows you to see your events with text in day, week or month views in addition to other features.

Best Free Timer and Alarm Clock for Android

StopWatch & Timer (667 KB), where to look for other than this well-designed stop watch and count down timer? It's clean and simple, with optional colors and alarm sounds. A reliable tool to get ready for use.
AlarmDroid (3.1 MB), besides most basic features, it has flip-and-snooze allowing you to turn the alarm clock back into snooze mode by turning over the phone, speaking clock announcing the time and local weather conditions, music or an Internet radio stream for alarm tone, and more.
Alarm Clock for Android (3.9 MB), not just a simple wake-up alarm clock, but also a reminder for all what matters in life such as birthdays, anniversaries, conferences or any important events that you don't want to miss. Settings such as notification, ringtone and others are a plus.

Best Free Notepad and Notebook for Android

Evernote (11 MB), take notes, ideas, pictures and recordings with your mobile device, and sync them instantly to your Web or PC version. Not only can it index all your notes, Evernote recognizes the actual text within the pictures so that you can search them easily.

Best Free Reminder / To-do List for Android (6.7 MB), a very sweet To-do list app with alerts, speech recognition, cloud sync, backup and more. It's easy to use, press a task to change its priority, folder, alarm and note or share it; and long press an entry to move it around. (Review)
ColorNote Notepad Notes (535 KB), a handy note taking app in the form of text and checklist by color, with reminder, password, search and backup functions. You can easily schedule your notes and to-do lists in a calendar, pin a reminder on the status bar or stick a note on your homescreen via widgets.
Remember The Milk (3.4 MB) allows you to add and complete tasks on the go, organize tasks with priorities, due dates, time estimates, repeating, lists and tags, and sync with Remember The Milk online. Some features including unlimited sync and push notifications are only for Pro version.

Best Free Personal Finance for Android

Financisto - Expense Manager (2.2 MB), an open-source personal finance manager lets you record and monitor your daily transactions with multiple accounts in any currency you choose. Useful features include scheduled and recurring transactions, budgets, reports, backup and restore database, export to CSV or QIF files.
Expense Manager (222 KB), easily manage your expense and income accounts by categories and scheduled transactions. Supported features include payment alerts, expense reports and charts, password protection, import and export of account activities, etc.
Personal Finance (601 KB), on top of Expense Manager, you can do more with stock portfolios, market overview, financial news, real-time stock quotes, market indexes and rates, currency converter, loan calculator and more.

Best Free Dictionary and Thesaurus for Android

Dictionary - Merriam-Webster (20 MB), type in or speak a word to look up its definitions, audio pronunciations, example sentences, synonyms and antonyms which are accessible offline. Most words including highlighted ones are hyperlinked for a tap to search deeper. Other features include Daily Word and Recent Searches. Ad-supported. (3.6 MB), includes more than 2 million definitions and synonyms from and, with audio pronunciation, voice-to-text search, hyperlinked words, favorite words list, Word of the Day, homescreen widget, offline dictionary, etc. Ad-supported.
Arcus Dictionary (6.3 MB), fast and ad-free dictionary with more than 165,000 words, definitions and synonyms without requiring network access after install, supports for text-to-speech, word hyperlinks, favorites and other options.

Best Free Encyclopedia for Android

Wikipedia (1.5 MB), search in your preset language for useful information from millions of articles written collaboratively by volunteers around the world with this official app optimized for your Android device, with today's featured article, save pages for offline viewing and other features such as optional font size, copy and share.
Wikidroid (Wikipedia Browser) (377 KB), a good alternative to the official Wikipedia app, Wikidroid allows you to view all Wikipedia articles formatted perfectly for your device in a fast and sleek interface with zoom, bookmark, copy, share and other features including save pages to SD card. Ad-supported.

Best Free Genealogy or Family Tree for Android

Ancestry (2.8 MB), an easy-to-use app to build and update a family tree of yours, or scour the research library by name to trace historical records with individual info, family, photos and evidence.

Best Free Translator for Android

Google Translate (4.9 MB), instantly translate words and phrases between more than 60 languages with voice input and text-to-speech supports. Other features include offline access to history and favorite items, display translations in full screen mode, handwriting and more.

Best Free Calculator for Android

Mobi Calculator FREE (176 KB), an excellent and easy-to-use calculator with math expressions, memory and history entries that can be edited for a recalculation without the need to enter them all over again. It comes with scientific functions and other useful features such as radix mode, time calculation and more.
RealCalc Scientific Calculator (296 KB), a scientific calculator that's fully featured and complete with unit conversions. Useful features include result history, digit grouping, 10 memories and more. Handy to use on a mobile device.
handyCalc Calculator (1.3 MB), powerful enough to solve equations with variables and functions, draw graphs for math expressions, and with unit and currency converters built-in, though it didn't respond well to a long expression when tried. (If the keypad doesn't work, please try the previous version from the developer's site.)

Best Free Unit and Currency Converter for Android

Unit Converter (828 KB), Wopnersoft's Unit Converter converts most common units of measure and currency in a simple and clean design. It's easy to use and allows for saving commonly used conversions to a favorites list.
Exchange Rates (750 KB), set a base currency you like, add other currencies to the conversion list and long press one of them to view charts in a time range you choose. Overall, it's an elegant currency converter that's easy to use, rich in features, integrated with a calculator, supporting online or offline mode and has no ads.

Best Free Compass for Android

Compass (3.0 MB), use this handy tool to check for direction, navigate from one place to another and for everything that is location-based. You can also easily make a quick note about the location using Catch Notes.

Best Free Flashlight for Android

Tiny Flashlight + LED (1.3 MB), use your device's camera LED flashlight or screen as a bright torch, with adjustable light sources and support for warning light, police light, color flashlight, strobe flashlight, morse code and more.

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by George joseph (not verified) on 10. July 2012 - 6:13  (95972)

Have been using realcalc for a long time..but it seems a new calculator named "calculexlite" is much easier to use and much cooler...I tried it:-) you may add it here if you find it worthy...

by ai (not verified) on 7. July 2012 - 3:12  (95842)


you know? it's free!! never though the expensive one be free for all.

by ai (not verified) on 3. July 2012 - 14:25  (95684)

Galaxy Hero [RPG]

The best free RPG shooter, so far.

by Panzer on 3. July 2012 - 8:40  (95673)

For little children - Play Safe:

by Av_Crazy on 26. June 2012 - 11:37  (95401)
by Rahul Sharma (not verified) on 20. June 2012 - 11:24  (95150)

Check out a very useful application to download Facebook Albums and tagged photos of friends and yours - Facebook Album Downloader

by cone (not verified) on 19. June 2012 - 17:18  (95133)

I use ustream to live feed out from tab 2 on wifi... are there better apps that can do this? ustream doesn't save password, so takes time to log on when in a rush.

by Slider Box (not verified) on 13. June 2012 - 18:34  (94806)

Slider Box - Apps Organizer 2.1 Released - Free

Slider Box is a widget and shortcut application for android devices.


by suri (not verified) on 10. June 2012 - 15:51  (94639)

Is there a free calculator app. which has the m+ m- & memory recall feature in it. Also a % function would also help a lot. Pl. also mention the download links as well thanx in advance.

by Jojo Yee on 12. June 2012 - 14:23  (94744)

There're many calculators cater for these basic functions Suri. You might want to check out a few suggested here,1#Calc...

by Shivanand (not verified) on 9. June 2012 - 13:10  (94601)


The new version of Kingsoft office can be now used to create presentations too.

Please update the article :)

by Jojo Yee on 10. June 2012 - 13:46  (94638)

Thanks Shivanand for the heads up. It's now updated.

by Ei2g (not verified) on 9. June 2012 - 10:07  (94596)

I love Coooeee

It lets me see where my friends and family are and i can be notified when they are nearby - or even if they turn up in my local pub!

by deedee (not verified) on 8. June 2012 - 5:24  (94554)

Must have!!
Smart Help for automatic SOS

It is an automatic emergency management app, which detects if the user falls down or in an accident, and will automatically send distress message with location in SMS and will place a call to the selected emergency contact. (Android only at this point of time)

by Wookie (not verified) on 5. June 2012 - 16:11  (94444)

Thank you, Jojoyee, for working on this. The QR codes are an awesome addition.

Here's an app to review...

Party Mixer by Pun Software

It is a free DJ program with built-in crossfader. Most people would say... "Why do I need that?" The answer is for workouts. You make a playlist (directory based) and enable crossfading for no gaps in music when you are running or lifting.

It has very poor documentation and takes some time to learn. But, it is free and useful.

Thanks again,

by Av_Crazy on 3. June 2012 - 13:19  (94333)

New batch of apps :D

After focus - DSLR-like Photography

Badass Battery Monitor

Solid Explorer - even though beta its hands down the most beautiful and full featured explorer

Rocket Music Player

Power Controls - An advanced power control widget. FREE and No ADS

twicca - best twitter client [ tweetdeck is as good as finished for now ]

Also jojoyee the links on the apps still point to the old market link and not to the google play link - lots of work for u :P

by Jojo Yee on 3. June 2012 - 15:07  (94341)

Thanks for your good suggestions Av_Crazy.

Under the product titles, the old Market links have now been replaced with the new Google Play links. The QR codes still work as they are automatically redirected to the new links.

by Av_Crazy on 3. June 2012 - 15:44  (94345)

U must have changed them just now..they were linking to old market links when i posted..great job !

by Jer Ee (not verified) on 23. May 2012 - 1:43  (93871)

Here's an awesome app for finding the best free Android games to download from Google Play:

by Sparkie181 (not verified) on 16. May 2012 - 20:47  (93563)

I have been trying to find a free android itinerary manager similar to what TitanClass was for PalmPilotT3. The app should not force you to load your data into the cloud. Instead the app should manage your itinerary for flights and grab from the internet all the related data to show if your flight is running on time, currency rates, weather, etc. etc. All of the apps I have seen, force you to log into their site and load your data on their servers. I want the app to hold my data on my Galaxy Nexus and only synchronize with my PC. If I wanted the data to be loaded on a website somewhere, then it should only be an option and not forced on to the user.
Has anyone seen an app like this?

by Pavel (not verified) on 11. May 2012 - 9:17  (93350)

Look around the most beautiful clock on Market.

by Meddose (not verified) on 11. May 2012 - 7:31  (93342)


by HK (not verified) on 8. May 2012 - 12:46  (93215)

Maven Music Player

The Best Free Design and Feature for Music Player.
Try it, you will know this is great.

by danikula (not verified) on 25. April 2012 - 22:08  (92618) - the best music downloader

by RegalBee (not verified) on 1. May 2012 - 0:11  (92839)

Best calculator app in the market! (my opinion).


by HK (not verified) on 15. April 2012 - 1:44  (92111)

RedLaser Barcode & QR Scanner

best free barcode scanner

Ultimate Call Screen (UCS)

Best free caller id's screen replacer, now more stable

Droid Notify Lite

Best free miss call notification


Best free launch application's activity


by Jojo Yee on 11. April 2012 - 1:42  (91876)


From this list, you can now click an Android icon Android-icon.jpg, where available, to go to "Free Android App of the Week" and read a selected app in more detail, such as on this page.

by Av_Crazy on 10. April 2012 - 22:06  (91867)

New batch of apps :D

Friendcaster - best alternate facebook app

Nemus launcher - alternative launcher [ go laucnher is becoming bloated and launcherpro hasnt been updated in a year ]

Soundbest lite - Seriously awesome sound clarity

Wallbase - awesome app for wallpapers for my favourite wallpaper site

Amuse - visit many many sites

Cricbuzz - for cricket fanatics like me

Myphoneexplorer - good backup and sync tool and much more

by Jojo Yee on 11. April 2012 - 8:41  (91899)

Thanks AV-Crazy. SoundBest Music Player Lite seems to be limited to certain devices or countries currently as it's incompatible with mine :(

by Av_Crazy on 11. April 2012 - 10:03  (91904)

Even soundbest not available in all countried..omg !

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