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Best Free Android Apps

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5. Best Free Disk and File Tools for Android


Best Free File Manager for Android

X-plore File Manager (1.4 MB), a file manager with a well thought-out split screen view allows you to transfer files between folders on the same device and manipulate files and folders between devices easily. Loads of features, such as built-in viewers for images, video, audio and text. No adverts. (Review)
ES File Explorer (2.7 MB), explore files on your device, LAN shared and FTP servers in a list or icon view with settings such as theme and layout, search files by type or name, plus app manager, SD Card Analyst and other optional modules. (Review)
ASTRO File Manager (2.4 MB), manage your files in Icon or List view with sorting, bookmarks, searching and other common features, plus some useful tools like checking SD card usage by folders. On the downside, the free version comes with a small ad. (Review)

Best Free Storage Manager for Android

AppMgr III (App 2 SD) (1.9 MB), take a glance where the apps are installed and move them from internal storage to the SD Card to save limited space on your device. Also clear the cache to make more space. The free version is supported by a small unobtrusive ad.

Best Free Online Backup for Android

Dropbox (6.9 MB), upload and access files from your Android, and sync them between your computers and mobile devices on the go. Easy to use—tap a file to view or press and hold it to access the menu for managing files and sharing links. (Review)
Google Drive (12.7 MB), store your files including documents, photos and videos in this free cloud storage up to 15GB for backup and access anywhere. You can share any files with your contacts or access files shared with you. Even better, you can use this app to create and edit a Google document and spreadsheet, scan an image into PDF, and make files available offline.
OneDrive (11.8 MB), previously known as SkyDrive, offers 7 GB of free online storage as part of Microsoft services for new subscribers. The app allows you to upload files, photos and videos from your device to OneDrive, open files in other apps and share files by sending a link. The built-in feature Camera Backup lets you upload photos and videos automatically.

Best Free App Backup for Android

App Backup & Restore (380 KB), easily backup your installed apps to your SD cards, send apps to friends via email, or upload to Dropbox if already installed. Others features include restore or uninstall apps, auto backup, share market links, check app details and more.

Best Free File Encryption Utility for Android

File Locker (200 KB), protect your files from unauthorized access by encoding the content and file names as well. Smart searching through folders for documents, locked and unlocked files is a plus but it can't unlock a file that has been renamed.

Best Free File Archiver-Zip Utility for Android

ZArchiver (2.66 MB), create archive files in zip, 7zip, gzip, bzip2, tar or XZ format, and unzip or decompress archive files in even more supported formats. Features include view and edit archives, password-protected archives, multi-part archives and more.
B1 Free Archiver (3.7 MB), create password-protected zip and b1 archives, unzip more than 30 archive formats, open encrypted and splitted archives in supported formats. You can also browse files inside archives and extract only selected files, hide files from media scan and do more. (Review)
RAR for Android (2.5 MB), an official app allows you to create RAR, RAR4 and ZIP archives, decompress RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZ, BZ2, X7, 7z, ISO, ARJ and multi-part RAR files, with options to repair damaged ZIP and RAR files, perform a registry recovery, encrypt files and accelerate data compression or decompression.

Best Free File Cleaner for Android

1Tap Cleaner (819 KB), a handy tool to free up more internal storage space on your device by clearing cache files, data files, search and navigation history records. Also includes a default cleaner to list default apps and clear their settings.

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by Anupam on 10. August 2012 - 11:16  (97505)

Thanks for the suggestion, but it does not do what I require. It transports contacts as v-card files, which I do not want.

by yoozerxy on 11. August 2012 - 12:02  (97545)

Sync your contacts with your Gmail account. From your gmail account you can export your contacts in Google CSV, Outlook CSV & vCard format.

by Anupam on 11. August 2012 - 12:07  (97547)

Don't want that either. Don't want to sync the phone numbers on my sim to Google account. I just want a simple CSV file, or any readable file, of the contacts as backup.

In my search, I saw some apps which can do that, but at the moment, I do not have internet on my phone, to check them out. Also, was hoping that people could tell me about a tried and tested app, so I know which one to go for.

Thanks for your help :).

by Jojo Yee on 11. August 2012 - 16:08  (97564)

Try Backup Contacts Anupam and hope that's the one you're looking for.

by Anupam on 30. August 2012 - 16:01  (98518)

Jojo, I tried this app. While it does the job of backing up contacts, but the problem is that it backs up the Gmail contacts as well, along with the sim or phone contacts, and mixes them together. Quite messy, and definitely not how I wanted it. There is no setting in the option to only select sim contacts, or Gmail contacts.

I tried out two more apps... they were more satisfactory, will list them in a comment above.

by Anupam on 11. August 2012 - 18:24  (97575)

Thanks Jojo. I had come across that app in my search. I will be trying it out, whenever I can get access to internet on the phone.

by KK (not verified) on 7. August 2012 - 12:50  (97337)

app for Kids:

zoodles kid mode

Toddler Lock (please read description before use it)

Concentration for kids

Funny Jokes for Kids

Talking Kids Math and Numbers

by JohnMayo (not verified) on 5. August 2012 - 19:12  (97245)

Postman: SMS Spam Blocker is just awesome.... Its simple, free and very very effective.

by PaulMcDonald (not verified) on 5. August 2012 - 10:33  (97230)


My 7 year old Niece just got a Google Android Tablet and her mum (my sister) asked me if I knew of any fun, educational games for 7-10 year old that are free or low cost e.g. 99c

For 7-10 year olds would be perfect as my Niece is the smartest 7 year old in the universe and I'm sure her mum and I will be working for her when she is Prime Minister of Australia in 20 years time :-)

Now I have worked out these can be found on the Google Play software apps store right?

But I couldn't find a way of sorting them by age, educational benefit, safety etc etc.

Can anyone help?



by Anupam on 5. August 2012 - 17:03  (97240)

That's the problem I found with Google Play Store.. it is not organized properly, and finding things can be a bit difficult. There are no separate step-down categorization of apps.. just big categorization, with much overlap of apps. And with a million apps there, it's very difficult and time consuming to look for the right app.
So, you will have to just the search feature, and then go through the list. Look at the description, rating, and also the comments to have a fair idea of how an app is.

Also, I hope you have an antivirus installed on the tab as a line of defense :).

by Juxxize on 16. August 2012 - 19:49  (97823)

Yes I find it very hard to navigate my way around google play and find good information on apps , there is just a basic outline of what the app does and the Permissions it needs. I like to have alot of information before i install something but i don't find there enough information on google play plus as you said wadding my way through lot's of apps that have similar purposes is hard work , and the apps aren't well categorized either.

by PaulMcDonald (not verified) on 6. August 2012 - 2:00  (97259)

Hi Anupam,

Thanks for that.

I also didn't realise Android got malware. I just found your recommendations here:

I will forward on to my sister.



by Anupam on 6. August 2012 - 7:32  (97276)

My pleasure :).

Well, Android does have the problem of malware... specially because it's now hugely popular, and therefore a target of malware makers. Some of the apps can be rogue, so, taking precautions is necessary. For this reason, it's important to note the ratings, comments, etc of an app before deciding to try it out. Also, installation should be preferred from Google Play Store, which is the official site for the apps... or, from the own home site of the app... most of which direct towards play store itself, for installation.

by lazytechyguy (not verified) on 3. August 2012 - 2:11  (97134)

Hi again,

I'm gonna suggest PowrNote. It's actually the official app for the Diigo service. The note taking feature maybe is not as good as Evernote for some people but there is no par for its cloud bookmark feature.

by Lucke Sky (not verified) on 31. July 2012 - 20:07  (96963)

Hi, can you show the newest entries to the lists, I follow this publication every week and sometimes, must check the previos article for discover changes in your recondationes.


by Jojo Yee on 1. August 2012 - 2:06  (96979)

That's a good idea Lucke Sky. New items are indicated in the "What's New" section which I hope is helpful.

by Peter Buyze (not verified) on 29. July 2012 - 15:43  (96840)

CamCard Lite is recommended by many. But why does the app need permission to call phone numbers without the phone owner's intervention? Only malware would want that kind of permission. CamCard Lite may not be malware, but why does it need that permission??

by Jojo Yee on 30. July 2012 - 1:36  (96851)
by Peter Buyze (not verified) on 30. July 2012 - 3:59  (96857)

Thanks Jojoyee, that explains it well. I will go ahead and download this app.

by extraordinary gentleman (not verified) on 26. July 2012 - 14:57  (96694)

I've tried some cross platfrom "BBM like direct from phone number" instant messaging applications because my contacts use various OS (Android,Blackberry,Nokia and iPhone iOS).

- Kik Messenger
- eBuddy XMS
- Live Profile
- Samsung ChatOn

And I also use eBuddy XMS. Not as popular as Whatsapp yet, but interestingly I can use both phone number and PIN. Currently supports picture profile, location etc.
I think XMS has potential to be a great IM.

Kik ... well I do love it. It's pretty fast!! I like the send,delivered,read notification. Unfortunately the Blackberry version is not as good as the Android version. I don't blame Kik, I blame Blackberry :) Since some of my important contacts use Blackberry so I had to leave Kik.

Live Profile, just tried it for a while. Not really like it because it uses dark UI (black).

ChatOn. This Samsung IM has potential. I do not like the current UI to be honest, and it's not popular yet. I'll wait.

[Moderator's note : Commercial app details deleted. Not allowed.]

by rkl (not verified) on 21. July 2012 - 15:39  (96487)

A good list, but would dispute some of the omissions:

* Web Browser: Firefox. Latest version is the one of the few browsers to allow a sideload of Flash on Android 4.1.1 (Nexus 7 user here) to actually work and you really do still need Flash in a browser I'm afraid. Note that the latest Chrome and Dolphin releases do not support Flash on Android 4.1 at all (even with a Flash sideload), so I can't see how anyone can recommend them any more on 4.1.

* Chess: Droidfish. Port of the PC Stockfish engine, it has a nice interface, loads of options and is easily the strongest free chess on Android.

* Reversi: Droidzebra. Hugely strong port of the PC WZebra program - even setting it down the bare minimum levels still require immense efforts to beat it.

* Remote Control: No love for the official XBMC Remote then?

No "Best Market app" category, which is a huge omission (AppBrain or Getjar anyone?).

Is there actually a free music player that will either search folders automatically (e.g. /mnt/sdcard/Music which is an obvious place to look!) or let you specify folders to search? It seems that most free players just use the Android media indexing and give no option for this and, yes, this includes Winamp and many others.

[Moderator's note : Reference of commercial app removed]

by lazytechyguy (not verified) on 3. August 2012 - 2:14  (97136)

Have you tried Moboplayer ?

by Jojo Yee on 22. July 2012 - 5:16  (96500)

Very good suggestions rkl. Droidzebra is a good choice and now added to the list. Chess by JWTC also allows third-party engines including Stockfish to be installed, but I'll look into Droidfish where it has that engine built-in.

Thanks for all who have suggested many apps here. Keep them coming and they certainly will be checked out in due course.

by JulieTang84 on 20. July 2012 - 19:26  (96453)

GO Launcher EX & Win7 theme. Best App for the Android EVER.

Finally a smart phone. Honestly guys, it is everything the Android GUI should have been but never was.



by KK (not verified) on 19. July 2012 - 14:44  (96396)

~~~~~~ "Check it Out" ~~~~~~


The efficient keyboard! learn a new way of using the keyboard and you know you just get faster and more accurate way. You can also customize theme color.

don't forget to see FAQ:

{ I am not affiliation with this product, I just satisfied user who showed his gratitude }

by ai (not verified) on 18. July 2012 - 9:11  (96350)

MyScript Calculator

Unbelieveable calculator! WOW! easy to useeeeee with your finger (^_^)

by ai (not verified) on 17. July 2012 - 7:07  (96316)

ugghh... c'mon... why!? and why!?

exDialer should be add to this list. Of course, this is the best free dialer.

it has many nice theme... fast startup... smoothly... has feature that is not owned by others.

by CrazyDriodo (not verified) on 16. July 2012 - 18:22  (96291)

I tried "Fusion Music Player". Its free and simply awesome. Try it out..

by EKM (not verified) on 13. July 2012 - 4:27  (96118)

i found this calculator awesome!!! check it out