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Android AppsAndroid apps (short for applications) are mobile software designed for running on the Android operating system, which is one of the most popular platforms used in cellphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

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by Jojo Yee on 18. October 2012 - 6:46  (100962)

Thanks Roger. I'll definitely give it a try.

by Roger0220 (not verified) on 18. October 2012 - 7:01  (100963)

thanks JOJOYEE!
if you have any comments about this app, i hope you can tell me.
i definitely desire your reviews.

by mirilam on 14. October 2012 - 14:15  (100757)

about the email app..
Check out Emoze Secure PushMail
‎Emoze is a smart, simple and efficient way to communicate with the office, ‎friends, ‎and family from any mobile device at anytime and anywhere.‎
With Emoze you can easily synchronize multiple email accounts simultaneously as well as your ‎contacts, calendar events ‎and sub-folders. ‎
Emoze provides a complete secure experience, enabling you, among other things, to remotely ‎locate, lock, and wipe ‎the data on the device if lost or stolen.‎
The application is available free of charge and you are invited to experience it yourself.


by helen (not verified) on 9. October 2012 - 20:00  (100554)

it is good

by AndrExpert (not verified) on 8. October 2012 - 21:42  (100507)

I didn't see flipit flashcards up there though. it's a great flascard app for any students out there like me. check it out!

by AndroidCowboy (not verified) on 5. October 2012 - 16:21  (100339)

A good android wireless webcam is "DroidCam Webcam".
I enables you to use your phone as a webcam over wifi.

by Hunter (not verified) on 3. October 2012 - 4:16  (100149)

This is an awesome list! I just got a Galaxy III; it was an upgrade from an old feature phone, so I don’t really know which apps are good or not. I will probably be spending a few hours with this list and my phone tonight after I get home from my shift at DISH. I didn’t see much one the list in terms of streaming live TV, but I got that covered with the DISH Remote Access app. It streams live TV and recordings from my Hopper DVR right to my phone. I got stuck at the D.M.V. for a few hours the other day, but I barely noticed because I actually had something to occupy myself while I waited.

by Saya123 (not verified) on 30. September 2012 - 13:16  (99999)

I've been using Hookt Messenger for about 3 months, I'm really happy with it.
It's a free cross platform messenger like Kik or Touch, currently supports Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and desktop computer (web browser). Any other phone can use the app too via web browser.

(+) Pros :
- Totally free
- Using ID. Can change phone number and still using the same Hookt ID. Login with ID, email, or phone number.
- Message read confirmation
- Status update notification, well just like BBM. Useful for me to 'broadcast' my status to my contacts and they will be notified. We can turn off status updates on certain contacts too
- Works nicely too on Blackberry and iPhone, my family and friends told me. It's important,isn't it? :)
- Still can chat using web browsers on PC or phone. Just login with ID,email,or phone numbers.
- Fast, as good as Kik IMHO
- Not draining battery and memory friendly, well at least on me
- Stickers. Not too important but some like it
- Marks on contact picture profiles if they deleted their Hookt account.

(-) Cons :
- Cannot delete single chat, we have to delete the whole chat
- No chat backup
- Cannot share message to other application like Twitter or SMS, vice versa. Have to use 'copy-paste'. Hope they will add this feature soon
- Share photo only
- Only 10 people on group chat
- No theme

by Marvin J (not verified) on 26. September 2012 - 21:22  (99802)

Best Social networking (location based) I guess that would be best GEOsocial networking app :) - Break the Ice!

by TimMassey (not verified) on 26. September 2012 - 17:51  (99789)

If you need to keep tabs on important events, can I recommend WhenDidI. You can track almost anything like how often you have been exercising, or amount of beer you have been drinking. There's a free version in the link

by Big L (not verified) on 26. September 2012 - 16:32  (99783)

I recently purchased a Coby tablet so that (amongst other things) I could play my word games on a larger to read surface than my phone. So far' Ii can play words with friends ' but not the free wordfeud. I think I have installed wordfeud as when I go to a site that offers it, it says "installed".;My problem, and question to you is how do I get into the game to play it? How do I get the app to be displayed in the menu part that displays the other apps. As you can probably figure out - I am not very computer savvy and to boot, a very senior citizen. Please help!

by Nate_River (not verified) on 14. September 2012 - 18:58  (99268)

Super video, floating pop up (app name o.O)!! Thumbs up!

by Danutz (not verified) on 12. September 2012 - 8:17  (99150)

Best Free Remote Desktop for Android - I have tried Team Viewer and works fine with my Desire. Give it a try and make an opinion about this great free software. From my point of view should be top recommendation, but is just my opinion :) Try it and enjoy it!

by Danutz (not verified) on 12. September 2012 - 8:55  (99153)

Best Free Remote Access Software for Android - TeamViewer Free
Well, I apologize! Looks like TeamViewer is already in the list. Next time I'll pay more attention!

by Jojo Yee on 12. September 2012 - 8:55  (99152)

A good comment Danutz. TeamViewer Free is classified under "Best Free Remote Access Software for Android" on page 10.

by bhupender (not verified) on 5. September 2012 - 13:28  (98816)

well done user! Its different ideas for sharing content.

by Emile5566 (not verified) on 5. September 2012 - 8:01  (98794)

Does anyone know where I can download Bridge - the card game?
I've found some downscaled versions of it -Euchre etc. but I'm looking for full-fledged Bridge.

by Balaji Ramanathan (not verified) on 12. September 2012 - 0:26  (99136)

Have you tried Bridge (by SAYC Bridge) or Bridge Base Online (by Bridge Base Online Inc.) in the play store? I don't play bridge, so I can't comment on how good they are, but the reviews for these two are not too bad.

by Balaji Ramanathan (not verified) on 4. September 2012 - 3:59  (98728)

The free version of "Where's my Water" for android contains several dozen levels, and is one of the best thinking/strategy games in the app store. The levels get progressively more challenging, but are never so difficult that you just give up in disgust. Just the right combination of challenge and intuitiveness to keep you hooked on it.

And if "Where's my Water" is any indication, its sister game, "Where's my Perry" should be equally enjoyable. I have downloaded it, but can't take enough time off from Water to try Perry yet!

by Balaji Ramanathan (not verified) on 4. September 2012 - 3:54  (98727)

My favorite word game on android is a game called Lexathon. Simple in concept (form words out of a 9 letter grid, with each word involving the middle letter), but thoroughly addictive and enjoyable. If you like word games, you have to give Lexathon a try. You won't regret it.

by john1234 (not verified) on 17. August 2012 - 13:41  (97852)

tired of installing many app on your device for social networking install 1 push...where only one one platform you can access many social sites..

by Balaji Ramanathan (not verified) on 13. August 2012 - 1:30  (97631)

If you are a frequent traveler, TripIt is an indispensable app for keeping track of your reservations, confirmation numbers, flight arrival and departure times, hotel addresses, and everything else travel-related. You can email your travel plans to to have tripit automatically create a new trip with information gleaned from the email. All the information is also available on your desktop by going to

by AppFan (not verified) on 12. August 2012 - 12:11  (97599)

My suggestion for best free email client for Android: AquaMail

The stock email client on my Sony phone was too basic and I found this gem of an app. I settled for this after comparing the ratings and comments with the alternative K-9 mail. Couldn't be happier and I am going to make a donation by buying the Pro version.

by Anupam on 8. August 2012 - 15:22  (97399)

Anyone knows of a good backup app for backing up contacts... in CSV format, or a format which can be read easily?

by Anupam on 30. August 2012 - 16:09  (98519)

Answering my own query.. I tried three apps.

One is Backup Contacts, suggested by Jojo a couple of comments below, but I did not find it satisfactory. It backs up the Gmail contacts with the sim/phone contacts, which is unorganized.

Another I tried is Contacts Backup by John Li :

It backs up the contacts of sim/phone, and produces a nice CSV file, which is quite good, but I found that it did not backup a few of my contacts. So, a bit unreliable. Still, it works as it should. I will try to find out further why some contacts were not backed up.

The one which I will keep, and it did exactly what I wanted, and without problems is Contacts Backup by Hemant G :

It backs up the sim/phone contacts, which I wanted, plus it has the option to backup to a txt file, or a CSV file. It backed up all my contacts.

Jojo, I think one of them can be added to the list?

by adgangwar (not verified) on 9. October 2012 - 6:56  (100521)

try app super backup, i like this app.... by using it, you can backup your call logs, contacts messages and bookmarks and can also restore anytime on your android...files saves in XML format. which can also be readable on web browser.

by Anupam on 9. October 2012 - 7:26  (100524)

Thanks.. will give it a try.

by Jojo Yee on 31. August 2012 - 8:33  (98556)

Thanks Anupam, I'll look into your suggested apps and see if they're good enough for the list, in particular as the apps provide another format of backup.

In old days before smart phones became popular, a SIM card used to be a great place to store contacts. But due to its very limited memory space, I personally don't think it's a practical way to keep contacts in that tiny room especially for a smart phone such as an Android device, now that a contact can contain multiple numbers per contact and other info not supported on a SIM card.

Probably that's part of the reasons that the Android system opts for importing contacts from a SIM card but doesn't support "Export to SIM' anymore. It's sort of saying bye-bye to the contacts in the SIM card after importing them to the Contacts database ("contacts.db" in a protected data folder), when and where the default apps "Phone" and "People" retrieve the contact info.

That said, there're still third party apps giving such feature as editing and writing contacts to SIM but the functionality is quite limited.

by Anupam on 31. August 2012 - 8:42  (98557)

Thanks for your thoughts Jojo, and you are quite right about what you wrote.

Actually, since I got the new phone, I had been waiting to get my hands on a contact backup app, before I copied the contacts on sim to the phone, in case an unexpected problem occurred. Now, that I have got the backup, I will now transfer my contacts to the phone. I had forgotten all about transferring contacts to phone since all these days, and your comment reminded me of this job. So, I will transfer contacts to the phone, and then run these backup apps again to see how they perform.

Fully agree with your comment :).

by yoozerxy on 10. August 2012 - 11:04  (97503)

It's Free & Simple! And does almost everything you want.

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