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Best Free Android Apps

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2. Best Free Home & Office for Android

Best Free Office Suite for Android

Quickoffice (17 MB), create and edit Microsoft Office documents including Word, Excel and Powerpoint files without the need to convert to Google Docs. You can store the documents in Google Drive for access anywhere online, or save them locally on your mobile device for working offline.
Kingsoft Office (Free) (13 MB), view, create and edit Microsoft office documents including Word, Excel and Powerpoint with multiple supported file formats such as txt, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt and pptx. Basic editing and formatting tools are mostly available.
See also: Google Drive

Best Free PDF Reader for Android

Adobe Reader (6.6 MB), view PDF files clearly on selectable viewing modes such as fit-to-screen, continuous scroll or reflow text, supports for multi-touch zoom and navigation, and sharing PDF files via bluetooth or email.

Best Free E-Book Reader for Android

FBReader (3.6 MB), a highly customisable ebook reader with non-nonsense menus delivers an excellent way to read an ebook. The app supports epub, rtf, fb2 (.zip), mobi, and plain text file formats, text-to-speak and other plugins, and integrates with external dictionaries. (Review)
Moon+ Reader (5.7 MB), read books in various formats such as ePub, txt, html, chm, fb2, umd or zip, with user settings for visuals, controls and themes. You can also bookmark, highlight, add notes and lookup words, and get free ebooks from online libraries. (Review)
Cool Reader (6.5 MB) supports a multitude of ebook formats including epub (non-DRM), fb2, doc, txt, rtf, html, chm, tcr, pdb, prc, mobi (non-DRM), and pml, with loads of settings such as bookmarks, text to speech, fonts, etc., that make reading a book more interesting. (Review)

Best Free Comic Book Reader for Android

Perfect Viewer (3.7 MB), equipped with five viewing modes to fit your screen, this fast comic viewer supports archive file formats including cbz/zip, cbr/rar, 7z/cb7 and lzh and common image formats such as jpg, png, gif and bmp. It also supports viewing pdf files with Perfect Viewer PDF Plugin which is also free.
A Comic Viewer (673 KB), a lightweight comic book reader opens various file formats including cbz/zip, acv, cbr/rar, jpeg, png and bmp. Some useful features include scale images to suit your screen height or width, adjust screen brightness, and set left-to-right or right-to-left reading to your liking.

Best Free Calendar for Android

Jorte (5.8 MB), a good calendar in a monthly or weekly view with a scheduler function and other useful features such as data import and export, acquire national holidays, sync events and tasks with Google calendar and more.
aCalendar (1.1 MB), a free versatile calendar with no ads, uses Android's native calendar backend and sync, shows text in day, week and even month views, with flexible recurrences, adjustable font size, fullscreen widgets and other user settings to the way you want.
Calendar Pad (316 KB), better than the default calendar that comes with your Android devices, it allows you to see your events with text in day, week or month views in addition to other features.

Best Free Timer and Alarm Clock for Android

StopWatch & Timer (667 KB), where to look for other than this well-designed stop watch and count down timer? It's clean and simple, with optional colors and alarm sounds. A reliable tool to get ready for use.
AlarmDroid (3.1 MB), besides most basic features, it has flip-and-snooze allowing you to turn the alarm clock back into snooze mode by turning over the phone, speaking clock announcing the time and local weather conditions, music or an Internet radio stream for alarm tone, and more.
Alarm Clock for Android (3.9 MB), not just a simple wake-up alarm clock, but also a reminder for all what matters in life such as birthdays, anniversaries, conferences or any important events that you don't want to miss. Settings such as notification, ringtone and others are a plus.

Best Free Notepad and Notebook for Android

Evernote (11 MB), take notes, ideas, pictures and recordings with your mobile device, and sync them instantly to your Web or PC version. Not only can it index all your notes, Evernote recognizes the actual text within the pictures so that you can search them easily.

Best Free Reminder / To-do List for Android (6.7 MB), a very sweet To-do list app with alerts, speech recognition, cloud sync, backup and more. It's easy to use, press a task to change its priority, folder, alarm and note or share it; and long press an entry to move it around. (Review)
ColorNote Notepad Notes (535 KB), a handy note taking app in the form of text and checklist by color, with reminder, password, search and backup functions. You can easily schedule your notes and to-do lists in a calendar, pin a reminder on the status bar or stick a note on your homescreen via widgets.
Remember The Milk (3.4 MB) allows you to add and complete tasks on the go, organize tasks with priorities, due dates, time estimates, repeating, lists and tags, and sync with Remember The Milk online. Some features including unlimited sync and push notifications are only for Pro version.

Best Free Personal Finance for Android

Financisto - Expense Manager (2.2 MB), an open-source personal finance manager lets you record and monitor your daily transactions with multiple accounts in any currency you choose. Useful features include scheduled and recurring transactions, budgets, reports, backup and restore database, export to CSV or QIF files.
Expense Manager (222 KB), easily manage your expense and income accounts by categories and scheduled transactions. Supported features include payment alerts, expense reports and charts, password protection, import and export of account activities, etc.
Personal Finance (601 KB), on top of Expense Manager, you can do more with stock portfolios, market overview, financial news, real-time stock quotes, market indexes and rates, currency converter, loan calculator and more.

Best Free Dictionary and Thesaurus for Android

Dictionary - Merriam-Webster (20 MB), type in or speak a word to look up its definitions, audio pronunciations, example sentences, synonyms and antonyms which are accessible offline. Most words including highlighted ones are hyperlinked for a tap to search deeper. Other features include Daily Word and Recent Searches. Ad-supported. (3.6 MB), includes more than 2 million definitions and synonyms from and, with audio pronunciation, voice-to-text search, hyperlinked words, favorite words list, Word of the Day, homescreen widget, offline dictionary, etc. Ad-supported.
Arcus Dictionary (6.3 MB), fast and ad-free dictionary with more than 165,000 words, definitions and synonyms without requiring network access after install, supports for text-to-speech, word hyperlinks, favorites and other options.

Best Free Encyclopedia for Android

Wikipedia (1.5 MB), search in your preset language for useful information from millions of articles written collaboratively by volunteers around the world with this official app optimized for your Android device, with today's featured article, save pages for offline viewing and other features such as optional font size, copy and share.
Wikidroid (Wikipedia Browser) (377 KB), a good alternative to the official Wikipedia app, Wikidroid allows you to view all Wikipedia articles formatted perfectly for your device in a fast and sleek interface with zoom, bookmark, copy, share and other features including save pages to SD card. Ad-supported.

Best Free Genealogy or Family Tree for Android

Ancestry (2.8 MB), an easy-to-use app to build and update a family tree of yours, or scour the research library by name to trace historical records with individual info, family, photos and evidence.

Best Free Translator for Android

Google Translate (4.9 MB), instantly translate words and phrases between more than 60 languages with voice input and text-to-speech supports. Other features include offline access to history and favorite items, display translations in full screen mode, handwriting and more.

Best Free Calculator for Android

Mobi Calculator FREE (176 KB), an excellent and easy-to-use calculator with math expressions, memory and history entries that can be edited for a recalculation without the need to enter them all over again. It comes with scientific functions and other useful features such as radix mode, time calculation and more.
RealCalc Scientific Calculator (296 KB), a scientific calculator that's fully featured and complete with unit conversions. Useful features include result history, digit grouping, 10 memories and more. Handy to use on a mobile device.
handyCalc Calculator (1.3 MB), powerful enough to solve equations with variables and functions, draw graphs for math expressions, and with unit and currency converters built-in, though it didn't respond well to a long expression when tried. (If the keypad doesn't work, please try the previous version from the developer's site.)

Best Free Unit and Currency Converter for Android

Unit Converter (828 KB), Wopnersoft's Unit Converter converts most common units of measure and currency in a simple and clean design. It's easy to use and allows for saving commonly used conversions to a favorites list.
Exchange Rates (750 KB), set a base currency you like, add other currencies to the conversion list and long press one of them to view charts in a time range you choose. Overall, it's an elegant currency converter that's easy to use, rich in features, integrated with a calculator, supporting online or offline mode and has no ads.

Best Free Compass for Android

Compass (3.0 MB), use this handy tool to check for direction, navigate from one place to another and for everything that is location-based. You can also easily make a quick note about the location using Catch Notes.

Best Free Flashlight for Android

Tiny Flashlight + LED (1.3 MB), use your device's camera LED flashlight or screen as a bright torch, with adjustable light sources and support for warning light, police light, color flashlight, strobe flashlight, morse code and more.

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by tsndnm on 10. January 2013 - 19:16  (104394)

While loitering around Google Play I found this app called SURDOC. This is basically an online backup app. They are presently offering a ridiculous 100GB of storage for a year . So if anyone is looking for a temporary harddisk online you may want to give it a try. Though the survival of the service remains to be seen...

Note :
1. The 100 GB is available via the app store only.
2. Last date to get that much space seems to be 15-01-2013.
3. Only Almighty knows the catch behind?

by MidnightCowboy on 10. January 2013 - 23:05  (104396)

Agreed. A business model like this is unsustainable. They will either go bust like so many others before them or become no more competitive than the already established services. IMO I would not trust this as my only solution at this time. MC - Site Manager.

by mr6n8 on 11. January 2013 - 11:06  (104401)

It is even worse (or better). They are giving away unlimited storage for a year with the option to purchase 3 years of unlimited storage for $19.99@year.

I would not trust a 1 year old company with a deal that sweet. Too many of these storage sites have gone away.

Though I have had 2 free 50GB ADrive accounts for over 5 years.

by Beev on 9. January 2013 - 18:35  (104358)

I Have just upgraded from a HTC Wildfire S to a Samsung GS3. A couple of great Apps I would like to suggest are as follows:

Music Player and Organizer - JetAudio Basic
File Manager - FX

Im extreemely impressed with these two apps so far!


by HAN on 5. January 2013 - 5:06  (104236)

The best launcher, launch anywhere and anytime.

Skyfish swipe launcher

by abhay2009 on 20. December 2012 - 11:58  (103788)

I would like to suggest Switchapps as the best app switcher. Kindly review the app in your next app review.

by JAHOMAFIA on 20. December 2012 - 11:41  (103787)

hey evrybody am new to android so can any one give me any ideas where to find free apps for my galaxy S3 specially video accelerators,video downloaders and spying apps

by Juxxize on 23. December 2012 - 10:55  (103884)

here are 2 spy cam apps, i use tinycam app so i can view my home web cam set up with yawcam , when i'm out and about i can view my webcam from my phone ( i use it to check on my dogs )
but there are loads of other free spy apps on google play

by Joe A.TT on 20. December 2012 - 13:06  (103793)

All of the apps listed above are free since at Gizmo's we only discuss free software. If you don't see what you want in the above lists, you could always search Google's Play store - there are many more free apps there as well.

by HAN on 20. December 2012 - 10:00  (103782)


After use it, I'm sure it is the best wikipedia client.

by Juxxize on 12. December 2012 - 10:24  (103539)

I'm glad we have airdroid reviewed on gizmo's because I'm loving it no more struggling with tiny phone screens to send texts ha ha

by Anupam on 10. December 2012 - 21:25  (103493)

A good IRC client :

AndroIRC :

It's pretty good. Can be added to Messaging section. Another one I tried and seems to be quite popular is Yaaic, but I did not find it to be that good.

About WhatsApp, it's only free for the first year. After that it costs money.

by Juxxize on 12. December 2012 - 10:16  (103538)

good point the 1st year is free and it's $0.99 there after i think go sms pro is free text between other go sms pro users it's listed above , i don't think there is a years limit on that like whatsapp

by Anupam on 12. December 2012 - 10:35  (103540)

I tried Go Sms Pro but didnt like it. It's not a messaging software actually, it's mainly for stock sms replacement.

If you are looking for a free messenger app, then besides whatsapp, there are others like Kik Messenger, Viber, etc. I guess Whatsapp is popular because it does not require you to register and make a new ID, but it just uses the phone number.

by systemcrash on 9. December 2012 - 14:45  (103461)

I think it might be worth adding a suggest a app section. Although there are so many it might be impossible to review all the ones suggested. Or maybe a member based suggest a app by category. Not reviewed but alternatives to the the apps that have been reviewed.

Something that might be worth testing and reviewing

Bitdefender Power Tune up

TrendMicro optimizer

Utter Voice recognition - This one is in BETA still needs some work but seems very promising when i was testing it out.

by Juxxize on 12. December 2012 - 10:05  (103537)

i like the look of these apps i might give them a spin on my phone.

by mariebio on 5. December 2012 - 20:20  (103383)

There are no money saving apps on here and I think they are fantastic. The new Visa one is great:

by MoreDoor on 3. December 2012 - 10:18  (103279)

PDroid should be a featured sticky in this section.

As a privacy assuring framework mod poorly conceived apps will be unable to violate the user

by ask4it (not verified) on 30. November 2012 - 14:33  (103112)

Someone was trying streetquest - run is a game? Really nice game if you dont like to stay at home 24/7 :)

Here is ling to store:

by kamin (not verified) on 20. November 2012 - 20:58  (102638)

I "couldn't live without" anymore:

- "SMS flash" - show (transparent) sms on top of anything, dismiss or reply by click or proximity sensor. no internet-permission.

- "wave control" - use your proximity-sensor to control your music.

- "copipe", a clipboard in your notification-bar.

- "haxsync" finally sets my friends fb-pictures as contact-pics.

- "livescore widget".

- "swipe pad" - reaches "any" app from within any app.

- "screen filter", when 0 isn't dark enough.

- "shake to shuffle beta" - shake to skip song.

- "elixir 2" - not as system information tool but as the one widget-creator i will ever need.

sorry for the double-posts.

by TheArPee (not verified) on 16. November 2012 - 9:26  (102399)

Have you tried Ovo as a simple timer? Really simple interface and very intuitive.

by lee.7904 on 12. November 2012 - 3:15  (102182)

jus new to these tablets so jus trying to get games!

by Juxxize on 11. November 2012 - 13:34  (102163)

I love my phone but it has a tiny screen so mighty text is great for texting ( when i'm at home anyway) it's really easy to use , install on your browser and phone and your texting from your laptop within seconds.

by Juxxize on 25. November 2012 - 11:20  (102878)

I just thought I'd add , that Pocket is really great too, it helps save money and keep mobile data costs because while I'm at home I sync a load of web pages to it either using the desktop app or via dolphin browser ( it integrates well with dolphin browser for android ) using my home board-band and then while I'm out and about I can view the web-pages off-line saving me from using my mobile data allowance.

by keisha (not verified) on 6. November 2012 - 4:03  (101935)

ohh... and are there any really good apps for reading book outloud??

by keisha (not verified) on 6. November 2012 - 3:51  (101934)

i am trying to find the prank dialer app!! i know they took it off but is there anything remotely similar to that free app?? thanks.. and fingers crossed!!


ps.. its easier to just email me, unless the comments will get sent back to my email.. im obviously a first timer on here!!

by C (not verified) on 3. November 2012 - 6:04  (101784)

Thanks for the post.. come to know really awesome free android applications..

by Edward Nikolajs (not verified) on 23. October 2012 - 8:02  (101210)

I have been using this new free cloud backup application called G Cloud Backup. It works very well and I have restored from it twice already. You should really check it out as it doesnt need any rooting and can backup everything you may need. I will include a link:

You should review it. Thx

by rizwan (not verified) on 20. October 2012 - 15:13  (101111)

I am using this one very good looking full of features alarm clock app,with lot of useful features, tabs screen supported,very beautiful widget to add on your desktop. I am sure you will like this its free try it here

by Roger0220 (not verified) on 18. October 2012 - 5:48  (100958)

About free application for world clock.
i design this clock app for travelers and business men who are always go all over the world.
this app is very small and smart, of course you can use widget for helping you to show different cities' time on screen.
Jojo, i promise if you use it, you would never uninstall it from you phone.
here is the google play url:

i wish you can have a try