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Best Free Android Apps

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4. Best Free Multimedia for Android


Best Free Media Player for Android

MX Player (6.8 MB), a powerful video player supports for multi gestures such as pinch and unpinch to zoom in and out videos to fit your screen, left scroll to adjust brightness and right scroll to adjust volume, multi-core decoding, CPU optimization and better subtitle readability. (Review)
MoboPlayer (5.7 MB), playback videos in various formats with features including thumbnail displays, subtitles, slide up/down on the left/right side to adjust volume and brightness, long press a file to add to playlist, view properties and more. (Review)
QQPlayer (6.7 MB), a video player supports for most popular formats including avi, flv, mp4, 3gp, mkv, mov and more, with added features such as on-screen volume adjuster and a zoom button.
mVideoPlayer (1.4 MB), offers three modes of video zoom, supports for subtitle, playlist and a video library browser with thumbnails, video info, search and other optional tweaks. A good replacement of Android's built-in video player.
RealPlayer (2.6 MB), enjoy your favorite multimedia content all in one app—either watch a video, listen to music or view a slideshow of photoes. Features include select music by artists, albums, genres or ratings, photo thumbnail previews and various settings. (Review)

Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android

Rocket Music Player (6.5 MB) is a solid, fast and useful app with a good set of features including auto-playlists, 5-band equalizer, song rating, tags editing, embedded lyrics, setting a ringtone or even a sleep timer. (Review)
TTPod (5.0 MB), play your music files by titles, artist, albums, genres, folders, favorites or playlists, supporting rich features such as a skinnable player, visualization, 10-band equalizer, auto search and display album art and synchronized lyrics, shake to change songs, sleep timer and basic tag editor. (Review)
Winamp (6.8 MB), easy to use with a clean user interface. You can play music by albums, artists, songs, genres or playlists, sync files wirelessly with the desktop Winamp, access to Internet radio stations with SHOUTcast, download free music from Spinner or stream it from CDLP. The free version is Ad-supported and has no equalizer. (Review)
MyMusicOn Music Player (488 KB), a good directory music player with supports for album art and lyric displays, via either online searching for synced lyrics, LRC files or lyric ID3 tags saved in your music files.
3 (Cubed) (895 KB), enhance your experience in playing music with this creative player viewable in Cubed, Wall, Boring or Morph Flow mode, with other useful features inclusive of playlists, a graphical equalizer, widgets, fetching missing art covers and preference settings.

Best Free Media Streaming Software for Android

Qloud Media Free (5.7 MB), play your PC-based music, video and picture files on your mobile device everywhere you go, without the need to copy or upload the files as the Qloud Server on your PC streams your shared folders to your mobile via the Internet connection. Ad-supported.

Best Free Media Server and Renderer for Android

Flipps (11 MB), formerly iMediaShare, a popular app supports for DLNA or UPnP devices and turns your smartphone into a media server to stream your personal and online media to your TV via local WiFi network. It also acts as a media renderer to play back media content streamed from another compliant device.

Best Free Video Sharing for Android

YouTube (6.0 MB), search, share and view videos from the popular video sharing site YouTube with this official app in a clean user interface, or upload a video to YouTube right away from your mobile device.

Best Free Video Trimmer for Android

AndroVid Video Trimmer (7.0 MB), split a video file into two separate clips, trim away unwanted parts in a video, or grab a video frame in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. You can also convert videos into MP3 audio files with this app. Some special effects are only for the Pro version.

Best Free Movie Resource for Android

IMDb Movies & TV (1.4 MB), watch trailers, browse photos, find latest releases, explore popular charts, rate movies and share movie info from a huge resource of more than 1.5 million titles, and 3.2 million celebrities, actors and actresses, directors and crew members.

Best Free Radio Broadcasting for Android

TuneIn Radio (9.0 MB), listen to local or worldwide ratio station streams on the web, find an extensive selection of local radios, music, talks, sports and podcasts from over 100,000 stations, and preset your favorite channels at ease. (Review)
A Online Radio (1.0 MB), a complete online radio player for your device to play any channel including mp3, m3u, pls, aac, aacp channels, shoutcast and icecast directories. You can search for channels and save them into your favorite list, plus other useful features including sleep timer.

Best Free Ringtone Changer for Android

ZEDGE (2.1 MB), search and preview ringtones by categories, download any you like and set it as your default or contact ringtones, replacing the Android System ringtone which has fewer options. Searching wallpapers for your home screens is included. See also Wallpaper Changer.

Best Free Ringtone Maker for Android

Ringdroid (365 KB) incorporates an audio player with a volume unit (VU) meter—easy to use, just slide the start and end markers to make a ringtone by cutting an audio file down to size or recording a new one directly on your device. Supported file formats include MP3, Wav, AAC and AMR.

Best Free Lyrics Player for Android

musiXmatch Lyrics Player (6.6 MB), find lyrics of your music while you play it from within the app, identify music through the microphone with the Music ID, or search lyrics from a rich database of over 6 million lyrics in 18 languages.

Best Free Computer Piano for Android

My Piano (6.5 MB), a superb piano app comes in with studio quality sounds, various intruments and sound effects, multi-touch, optional two actaves, an integrated recorder with save and load functionality, plus a plethora of other features good for beginners and advanced users. Ad-supported.
Magic Piano (17 MB), experience the fun of playing piano with the keyboard in a variety of styles or by tapping on the beams of light to create melodies, share your musical skills with friends, enjoy a large catalog of songs or listen to other players' performances, all in this popular app. Additional songs require in-app purchases.

Best Free MP3 Tag Editor for Android

Pimp My Music (2.4 MB), auto fetch missing lyrics and album art covers in various sizes and edit most common tag fields including artist, title, album, genre, lyrics, track, year, composer and comment. It comes with a built-in player and supports formats including mp3, ogg, flac, aac, mp4, m4a and wma.

Best Free Remote Control for Android

Gmote 2.0 (319 KB), turn your mobile device into a remote control unit to browse and play music and video files on your computer—install this app on your device and Gmote Server on your PC, once it's set up, just sit back in a sofa and enjoy.

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by Av_Crazy on 3. June 2012 - 13:19  (94333)

New batch of apps :D

After focus - DSLR-like Photography

Badass Battery Monitor

Solid Explorer - even though beta its hands down the most beautiful and full featured explorer

Rocket Music Player

Power Controls - An advanced power control widget. FREE and No ADS

twicca - best twitter client [ tweetdeck is as good as finished for now ]

Also jojoyee the links on the apps still point to the old market link and not to the google play link - lots of work for u :P

by Jojo Yee on 3. June 2012 - 15:07  (94341)

Thanks for your good suggestions Av_Crazy.

Under the product titles, the old Market links have now been replaced with the new Google Play links. The QR codes still work as they are automatically redirected to the new links.

by Av_Crazy on 3. June 2012 - 15:44  (94345)

U must have changed them just now..they were linking to old market links when i posted..great job !

by Wookie (not verified) on 5. June 2012 - 16:11  (94444)

Thank you, Jojoyee, for working on this. The QR codes are an awesome addition.

Here's an app to review...

Party Mixer by Pun Software

It is a free DJ program with built-in crossfader. Most people would say... "Why do I need that?" The answer is for workouts. You make a playlist (directory based) and enable crossfading for no gaps in music when you are running or lifting.

It has very poor documentation and takes some time to learn. But, it is free and useful.

Thanks again,

by deedee (not verified) on 8. June 2012 - 5:24  (94554)

Must have!!
Smart Help for automatic SOS

It is an automatic emergency management app, which detects if the user falls down or in an accident, and will automatically send distress message with location in SMS and will place a call to the selected emergency contact. (Android only at this point of time)

by Ei2g (not verified) on 9. June 2012 - 10:07  (94596)

I love Coooeee

It lets me see where my friends and family are and i can be notified when they are nearby - or even if they turn up in my local pub!

by Shivanand (not verified) on 9. June 2012 - 13:10  (94601)


The new version of Kingsoft office can be now used to create presentations too.

Please update the article :)

by Jojo Yee on 10. June 2012 - 13:46  (94638)

Thanks Shivanand for the heads up. It's now updated.

by suri (not verified) on 10. June 2012 - 15:51  (94639)

Is there a free calculator app. which has the m+ m- & memory recall feature in it. Also a % function would also help a lot. Pl. also mention the download links as well thanx in advance.

by Jojo Yee on 12. June 2012 - 14:23  (94744)

There're many calculators cater for these basic functions Suri. You might want to check out a few suggested here,1#Calc...

by Slider Box (not verified) on 13. June 2012 - 18:34  (94806)

Slider Box - Apps Organizer 2.1 Released - Free

Slider Box is a widget and shortcut application for android devices.


by cone (not verified) on 19. June 2012 - 17:18  (95133)

I use ustream to live feed out from tab 2 on wifi... are there better apps that can do this? ustream doesn't save password, so takes time to log on when in a rush.

by Rahul Sharma (not verified) on 20. June 2012 - 11:24  (95150)

Check out a very useful application to download Facebook Albums and tagged photos of friends and yours - Facebook Album Downloader

by Av_Crazy on 26. June 2012 - 11:37  (95401)
by Panzer on 3. July 2012 - 8:40  (95673)

For little children - Play Safe:

by ai (not verified) on 3. July 2012 - 14:25  (95684)

Galaxy Hero [RPG]

The best free RPG shooter, so far.

by ai (not verified) on 7. July 2012 - 3:12  (95842)


you know? it's free!! never though the expensive one be free for all.

by George joseph (not verified) on 10. July 2012 - 6:13  (95972)

Have been using realcalc for a long time..but it seems a new calculator named "calculexlite" is much easier to use and much cooler...I tried it:-) you may add it here if you find it worthy...

by EKM (not verified) on 13. July 2012 - 4:27  (96118)

i found this calculator awesome!!! check it out

by CrazyDriodo (not verified) on 16. July 2012 - 18:22  (96291)

I tried "Fusion Music Player". Its free and simply awesome. Try it out..

by ai (not verified) on 17. July 2012 - 7:07  (96316)

ugghh... c'mon... why!? and why!?

exDialer should be add to this list. Of course, this is the best free dialer.

it has many nice theme... fast startup... smoothly... has feature that is not owned by others.

by ai (not verified) on 18. July 2012 - 9:11  (96350)

MyScript Calculator

Unbelieveable calculator! WOW! easy to useeeeee with your finger (^_^)

by KK (not verified) on 19. July 2012 - 14:44  (96396)

~~~~~~ "Check it Out" ~~~~~~


The efficient keyboard! learn a new way of using the keyboard and you know you just get faster and more accurate way. You can also customize theme color.

don't forget to see FAQ:

{ I am not affiliation with this product, I just satisfied user who showed his gratitude }

by JulieTang84 on 20. July 2012 - 19:26  (96453)

GO Launcher EX & Win7 theme. Best App for the Android EVER.

Finally a smart phone. Honestly guys, it is everything the Android GUI should have been but never was.



by rkl (not verified) on 21. July 2012 - 15:39  (96487)

A good list, but would dispute some of the omissions:

* Web Browser: Firefox. Latest version is the one of the few browsers to allow a sideload of Flash on Android 4.1.1 (Nexus 7 user here) to actually work and you really do still need Flash in a browser I'm afraid. Note that the latest Chrome and Dolphin releases do not support Flash on Android 4.1 at all (even with a Flash sideload), so I can't see how anyone can recommend them any more on 4.1.

* Chess: Droidfish. Port of the PC Stockfish engine, it has a nice interface, loads of options and is easily the strongest free chess on Android.

* Reversi: Droidzebra. Hugely strong port of the PC WZebra program - even setting it down the bare minimum levels still require immense efforts to beat it.

* Remote Control: No love for the official XBMC Remote then?

No "Best Market app" category, which is a huge omission (AppBrain or Getjar anyone?).

Is there actually a free music player that will either search folders automatically (e.g. /mnt/sdcard/Music which is an obvious place to look!) or let you specify folders to search? It seems that most free players just use the Android media indexing and give no option for this and, yes, this includes Winamp and many others.

[Moderator's note : Reference of commercial app removed]

by Jojo Yee on 22. July 2012 - 5:16  (96500)

Very good suggestions rkl. Droidzebra is a good choice and now added to the list. Chess by JWTC also allows third-party engines including Stockfish to be installed, but I'll look into Droidfish where it has that engine built-in.

Thanks for all who have suggested many apps here. Keep them coming and they certainly will be checked out in due course.

by extraordinary gentleman (not verified) on 26. July 2012 - 14:57  (96694)

I've tried some cross platfrom "BBM like direct from phone number" instant messaging applications because my contacts use various OS (Android,Blackberry,Nokia and iPhone iOS).

- Kik Messenger
- eBuddy XMS
- Live Profile
- Samsung ChatOn

And I also use eBuddy XMS. Not as popular as Whatsapp yet, but interestingly I can use both phone number and PIN. Currently supports picture profile, location etc.
I think XMS has potential to be a great IM.

Kik ... well I do love it. It's pretty fast!! I like the send,delivered,read notification. Unfortunately the Blackberry version is not as good as the Android version. I don't blame Kik, I blame Blackberry :) Since some of my important contacts use Blackberry so I had to leave Kik.

Live Profile, just tried it for a while. Not really like it because it uses dark UI (black).

ChatOn. This Samsung IM has potential. I do not like the current UI to be honest, and it's not popular yet. I'll wait.

[Moderator's note : Commercial app details deleted. Not allowed.]

by Peter Buyze (not verified) on 29. July 2012 - 15:43  (96840)

CamCard Lite is recommended by many. But why does the app need permission to call phone numbers without the phone owner's intervention? Only malware would want that kind of permission. CamCard Lite may not be malware, but why does it need that permission??

by Jojo Yee on 30. July 2012 - 1:36  (96851)
by Peter Buyze (not verified) on 30. July 2012 - 3:59  (96857)

Thanks Jojoyee, that explains it well. I will go ahead and download this app.