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10. Best Free Network, Website and Server for Android


Best Free Social Networking for Android

Google+ (12.3 MB), find and invite people to your circles of friends and family, share your profile, thoughts and photos or hangout with them, tap Home to get their updates and see what people nearby are saying, or type instant messages using the app.
Facebook for Android (2.53 MB), share your personal profile, check out news feed, send messages, upload photos and chat with friends on Facebook using this app, a better interface optimized for use on a mobile device.
Twitter (1.93 MB), a dedicated Twitter application for Android to post a tweet on the go super simple and to discover what's happening right now anywhere in the world.
Instagram (13 MB), use this popular photo sharing app to add special effects such as filters and borders to your photos easily before you share them with your friends, or follow photos uploaded by other members on the network.
Foursquare (9.8 MB), find the places around you, record the places you visit by 'checking in', invite friends and view their locations, broadcast your location by 'shouting' to friends, get their comments or insider tips and more.
TweetDeck (814 KB), monitor and post status updates to your Twitter accounts, Facebook profile, Foursquare and Google Buzz, all from a single place simultaneously. You can also add links and photos, view and comment on news feeds, open links in a browser and more.

Best Free BitTorrent Client for Android

aDownloader (1.2 MB), download files from torrents in your SD Card, or long press a link to torrents from websites and select Share link via this native BitTorrent downloader, with break and resume features. Better still, get the version with search engines from here and install it using an installer.

Best Free Remote Access Software for Android

TeamViewer Free (1.5 MB), access remote computers from everywhere, give spontaneous support and access to unattended computers. The free full version of Teamviewer is required on remote computers. Free for private use only. (Review)

Best Free Network Traffic Counter for Android

3G Watchdog (632 KB), set a quota for yourself and monitor your mobile Internet (3G, Edge or GPRS) data usage, with a status icon shown in the notification bar and a detailed report on your data usage for various durations of time.
NetCounter (214 KB), a great tool to keep track of your data usage over cellular and WiFi internet connections for the current day, week or month. Various options are available such as adding or removing a counter, setting duration and data alert. (Review)

Best Free Network Speed Test for Android (3.0 MB) is widely used for giving key measurements on ping, download and upload speed to determine the performance of your Internet connection. Try this app which is the native version to measure the network speed of your Android device.

Best Free Wi-Fi Analyzer for Android

Wifi Analyzer (452 KB), find a more stable and stronger Wi-Fi channel around you by using this app that turns your device into a Wi-Fi analyzer, equipped with various views: a signal meter, channel graph, time graph and others. It's also quick and easy to change a view by swiping left or right.

Best Free FTP Client for Android

AndFTP (896 KB), a fast and reliable FTP or SFTP client comes with both a device file browser and a FTP file browser, allows you to manage several FTP configurations and makes your tasks to upload, download and manage files easier.

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by Jojo Yee on 11. August 2011 - 4:47  (77423)

Welcome your contribution Gregster and thanks for sharing it with us.

by abhay2009 on 1. August 2011 - 10:20  (76685)

Dear Jojoyee,

I was searching the Market for excellent Analog Clock Widget and I found Animated Analog Clock Widget worth to put on my home screen. I found it to be accurate and trendy with 3 skin packs to put on.

by Jojo Yee on 2. August 2011 - 2:21  (76725)

Thanks Abhay2009 for the info. The animated ticking second hand of the clock was pretty cool, though the clock looked a bit oval in shape when tried on my device.

by king khan (not verified) on 29. July 2011 - 7:32  (76425)

Easy Filter Call Blocker & SMS is not on the market anymore, anyother sources or similar app? I know Handcent has a blacklist feature, but I want only the filtering functionality and not a replacement for the default sms app.

by NCTreasure (not verified) on 20. September 2011 - 14:22  (79959)

Try Mr Number to block calls and texts from numbers you don't want to talk to. It is by far my favorite app. You can add to your blocklist from contacts, or add groups such as all blocked/private calls as well as by what the number starts with. For example, you can block all calls that start with 800, 877, 866, etc. You can choose to also block texts from the numbers whose calls you have blocked. You can also choose whether you want these calls to go straight to your voicemail, or if you want your phone to pick up and hang up on these callers.

by Jojo Yee on 30. July 2011 - 2:45  (76502)

Thanks King Khan for the info. You might want to give BlackList a try.

by Mobile Software (not verified) on 28. July 2011 - 12:31  (76355)

With NoteRec ( you can record a meeting, take notes and later playback the meeting jumping to the audio position associated with each note.

by abhay2009 on 24. July 2011 - 12:32  (76159)

Dear Jojoyee,

Today, I am going to suggest 2 new apps which are worth including this list without thinking any further, such is the usefulness and features of the free version of each apps:

1. Juicedefender - a versetile and all-round battery maintenance app.
2. Widgetsoid - excellent widgets maker app for catering all your needs for widgets.

I am sure that you will definitely thank me and compliment me for suggesting these two!

by Jojo Yee on 25. July 2011 - 13:11  (76211)

Thanks Abhay2009 for suggesting more good apps. I'll give them a try and compare with others within a week or so.

[Update: Both apps added.]

by abhay2009 on 21. July 2011 - 15:21  (75974)

Dear Jojoyee,

I request you to consider adding following apps to the list:

Smart Taskbar (Sidebar) - a fine alternative launcher and multi-tasking app.

Go Weather Widget - excellent free weather widget with a lot of skins and wallpapers!

by Jojo Yee on 22. July 2011 - 9:01  (76018)

Thanks Abhay2009 for mentioning GO Weather which is a good app and added to the list. Smart Taskbar is a nice app too but IMO when compared with Apps Organizer, the latter works more directly and efficiently as a program launcher.

by mattb (not verified) on 30. August 2011 - 23:18  (78691)

id like to recommend weatherbug. its free, tracks your location so it gives you updates where you currently are, has alerts in it. plus its free. its the best and i have tried them all as im a truck driver and knowing the weather is a big help.

by Jaikrishna on 18. July 2011 - 14:27  (75757)

I'd like to recommend Llama -
It is an automatic profile switcher based on conditions such as time and location.
It can also perform a variety of actions based on a combination of various conditions.
IN SHORT- It is a free alternative to Tasker

by Jojo Yee on 23. July 2011 - 9:44  (76091)

Thanks Jaikrishna for the suggestion. I've installed the app and need some time to evaluate it.

[Update: This app worked well and added to the list.]

by Jaikrishna on 24. July 2011 - 7:19  (76149)

You are welcome! I'm using the app and its very helpful.
I'd suggest changing its title to "Profile Changer and Automator". Because it can also perform other actions like turning off wifi/bluetooth, closing an application, playing music,..etc.

by Jojo Yee on 24. July 2011 - 8:58  (76152)

That's a good idea Jaikrishna.

by sourabh (not verified) on 18. July 2011 - 8:25  (75744)

Hi friends,
I want to know app. which can record incoming and outgoing calls and compatible on LG P500.


by toesnz on 17. July 2011 - 10:12  (75685)

Alarm Klock should be considered for best free alarm clock, Alarmdroid is add supported, ZDclock needs full internet access [for an alarm clock this seems a little strange??]

by abhay2009 on 15. July 2011 - 5:58  (75519)

Dear Jojoyee,

Pl look into Small Taskbar, a unique launcher and multi-tasking utility to supplment the default launcher app.

by Jojo Yee on 16. July 2011 - 3:59  (75599)

Is there a link Abhay2009 as I can't find it?

by abhay2009 on 16. July 2011 - 8:22  (75615)

I am sorry. I misspelt it.

You'll find it in Android Market/Productivity/Smart Taskbar (Sidebar).

by Moo Nomnom on 11. July 2011 - 19:10  (75233)

I would recommend reviewing more security tracking apps.
Lately I gave Prey on android a test to make sure it worked, and after a couple hours waiting I never received any reports. It seems for some phones prey doesn't work, at least not well. I guess the android version inst too good compared to computer.

by Jaikrishna on 13. July 2011 - 3:47  (75356)

I've tried almost all tracking apps and now I'm fixed with androidlost. It really does have a lot of features and provides all of them for free. Further, the app does no polling to the server, which saves battery. It uses Google's Push mechanism for all operations.
My favourite feature is switching on wifi or GPS from remote, and taking pics with the camera.

by Kon (not verified) on 8. July 2011 - 22:27  (75058)

Android ID3 has been renamed. Link is broken. New link is:

by Jojo Yee on 9. July 2011 - 3:54  (75074)

Many thanks Kon for the info. Renamed and updated with more details in the list.

by Jojo Yee on 7. July 2011 - 8:51  (74915)

Update: Replaced NewsRob with Pulse News which comes with more features. Pulse News also runs on iOS and added to Best Free iPad Apps.

by toesnz (not verified) on 6. July 2011 - 10:27  (74846)

i've referenced back to techsupport for many years as one of the best sources of quality freeware. The android listing is great but as a number of people have suggested it now needs to broken down into individual areas like the listing for PC programs.

Also a number of the recommended programs are adware, i think techsupport needs to clearly label this software as adware, and with any luck android market will follow suit. keep up the good work

by Vahid (not verified) on 6. July 2011 - 4:26  (74838)

Finding good apps for Android is many people's issue and this page does it in perfect structure and format. Great! Thanks!
What I could suggest to be added here is:

1. aDownloder: Amazing torrent download client. Note that it's the client itself not a torrent client remote control. if you want to have the internal search tool you should download the app from its website.

2. SugarSync: It's obvious I think. Just put it beside dropBox does the same thing as drop box + more. (specially synchronizing the photos you take on your mobile with your cloud space)

by Jojo Yee on 9. July 2011 - 7:05  (75078)

Good suggestions Vahid. Added aDownloader to the list while SugarSync will be looked into.

by abhay2009 on 4. July 2011 - 9:52  (74716)

Dear Jojoyee,

I have finalized a list of configuration for my Galaxy S phone, which I consider superior to stock applications and has satisfied me over a period of time:

1. App Launcher - Go Launcher EX
2. G---- theme (paid) - comes with fabulous icons and icon available for every app. Classic theme which is free, is also good and clean.
3. Note taking - Color notes and Evernote.
4. Reminder - color notes.
5. Calendar - Jorte and Color notes.
6. Alarm - ZD clock.
7. Battery apps- Batteryminder, Juice Defender and Battery Improver.
8. Diary writing - Diaro. PL INCLUDE THIS APP ALSO IN THE LIST!!
9. Sticher - Podcast application.
10. TOI - for news.
11. Dictionary - Merrium-Webster. THIS IS BETTER THAN ARCUS.
12. File Manager - File Expert.
13. Videos - mVideo player. A really good player!
14. Pictures - Quickpic.
15. Wallpaper - Flikie.
16. Ringtones - Ringtones Extended and Zedge.
17. P------- - Best paid player - worth investing.

There are many more applications. I have chosen them from this list and some of these are already suggested by me.

[Mod: Paid app names were removed according to the site rules.]

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