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3. Best Free Image Tools for Android

Best Free Image Viewer for Android

QuickPic (380 KB), light and fast, gives you a high-resolution thumbnail preview fit into your screen, touch or pinch to zoom, rotate and other additional features including slideshow, crop, share, set wallpaper and more.
JustPictures! (1.2 MB), not only can you view pictures from your SD card, but also browse photos from Picasa, Flickr, Facebook, Smugmug, Photobucket, Windows Live, Tumblr and Deviant Art in a unified and clean user interface, with slideshow and other features.

Best Free Image Editor for Android

Snapseed (24 MB), a capable and powerful photo editing app which is good for both professionals and amateurs. It's easy to use at your fingertips, either swipe left and right on top of the photo to adjust what a filter does, or swipe up and down to gain more controls of the filters.
Photoshop Express (1.3 MB), edit photos on your mobile device easily—touch to crop, rotate, adjust color and add artistic effects, then save them or upload to Facebook, or TwitPic. Nice interface but no resizer is included.
PicSay - Photo Editor (1.2 MB), get a picture to add titles, balloons, stickers and special effects, or to resize, crop and straighten, flip or rotate. More special effects and some advanced features are for the paid-for Pro version.
Pixlr-o-matic (6.5 MB), adding special effects to your photos is as easy as you count one, two, three—snap a photo from your camera or select one from your gallery, then choose a color filter, a lighting effect and a good frame from the many choices included, and save or share your cool-looking photo with friends.
PhotoFunia (2.8 MB), enjoy your fun-filled experience by adding more effects to your photos easily—select a scene from more than 150 choices such as billboards or magazines from the app, then take your picture or get one from your gallery for it to integrate with the scene and download to your mobile for sharing or saving.
PicsArt - Photo Studio (12 MB), besides common editing such as crop, rotate, resize and adjust colors, this all-in-one image tool lets you take photos or load images and do more manipulations including collage, add frames, masks, clipart, text, draw and apply artistic photo effects before saving or sharing your results. Rich in features and easy to use.

Best Free Paint Program for Android

SketchBook Mobile Express (4.4 MB), a high quality app allows you to draw on your mobile screen using a variety of digital brushes and pencils with simulated pressure. The interface is streamlined with tools including an eraser, redo/undo, color and transparency, flood fill, symmetric mode, layers, import photos and export to a png file.

Best Free Digital Image Stitcher for Android

Photaf Panorama (Free) (5.6 MB), easily create 360-degree panoramas from your Android device—just aim and move your device's camera around, then press Stitch Images and it does the rest for you automatically. You can export your panoramas to a folder, send to your friends or upload to Photaf Panoramas Gallery for sharing.

Best Free Photo Collage for Android

Photo Grid (4.6 MB), select the photos you like and tap 'Create' to collage your photos easily. You can manually select a layout or just shake your device to change it. Support various modes such as grid, free style, high and wide modes, with frame, background and editing features.

Best Free Business Card Reader for Android

CamCard Free (15 MB), capture business card images and save card details such as name, contact numbers and email addresses into your contacts automatically. Basic editing tools and multi-languages are supported, but more advanced features are only available to the full commercial version.

Best Free Barcode Scanner for Android

Barcode Scanner (988 KB), a small yet efficient tool by ZXing Team to scan data matrix and QR codes containing URLs, contacts, products info, etc. If you've not installed it on your Android device, this is the right one to use for scanning the QR code for an Android app.
QR Droid (6.8 MB), more than a scanner, it's also a reader and generator—scan QR codes from camera, decode them from saved images or from URLs of images, create QR codes from your contacts, installed applications, bookmarks, SMS and more.

Best Free Document Scanner for Android

CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator (10 MB), scan multi-page documents and save into PDFs with tags for sharing with others by email, SMS or upload to cloud storage. Auto crop and auto enhance images but exported PDFs come with watermarks. Ad-supported.

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by Jojo Yee on 24. December 2011 - 2:25  (85845)

Defender is a good game to play. Added to the list.

by abhay2009 on 30. December 2011 - 3:29  (86200)

Dear Sir,

Pl consider the following as I feel they are worthy of being included in the list:

1. AutoApp Organizer -

2. Mobisle Notes -

3. Quick Exit -

4. Quick Boot -

5. Screen On Toggler -

6. Seepu -

7. Battery Monitor Widget -

8. Shake off -

9. Deviceinfo -

10. Executive assistant free -

11. Sanity -

12. Startup Manager -

13. Easy Battery Saver + Task Killer -

14. Habit Streak -

15. Appkik -

by Jojo Yee on 30. December 2011 - 10:50  (86221)

Any.DO looks pretty good, simple and easy to use. I also like the gesture features such as drag and drop to organize, mark completed task by swiping or clear them all by shaking. That said, syncing tasks with Google Tasks didn't work well in that a task folder deleted from Google Tasks still appeared in this app when I tried it .

A similar app Taskos To Do List | Task List seems to have even more features. Syncing task folders with the Google account worked well when tested but the task items were repeated in my Google Tasks after syncing.

Both apps are potential competitors and would have been better if the above shortfalls are ironed out.

by Anupam on 30. December 2011 - 10:53  (86222)

Thanks Abhay, much appreciated.

And please, don't call me sir :).

by MidnightCowboy on 30. December 2011 - 13:41  (86229)

No, PM me and I'll suggest something else :D

by Ivan (not verified) on 30. December 2011 - 18:00  (86240)

Please consider adding Kingsoft Office (English) to Home and Office section. I think it is a great office suite. Feature-rich(editing included) and entirely free!

by Jojo Yee on 31. December 2011 - 3:48  (86261)

Thanks Ivan for the suggestion. Added to the list.

by ivorysoul (not verified) on 31. December 2011 - 4:38  (86264)

Hi I was trying to download the droid apps and it keeps telling me There are no Android phones associated with this account. Please sign in with a different account.Thanks ivorysoul

by Jojo Yee on 31. December 2011 - 9:54  (86272)
by Mesen on 1. January 2012 - 14:01  (86332)

Hi. TaskPanel XTRA is no longer available in market. Please choose on of the others. My suggestions:

Link2SD (This app really best!)

GMX Mail

MX Video Player

Avast Mobile Security

Smart Rotator (This app very useful)

Titanium Backup


Go Contacts EX



Easy Battry Saaver+Task Killer

Easy Task Killer Advanced (Actually i think task killer apps unneeded)

Watchdog Task Manager Lite (I think this app is more useful than task killers)

Any.DO: To Do List | Task List

by Jojo Yee on 1. January 2012 - 15:38  (86337)

Appreciated your feedback and many suggestions Mesen. TaskPanel XTRA is now replaced with Advanced Task Killer in this list. Any.DO has been commented at this post.

Update: MX Video Player is a good suggestion and added to the list.

by Av_Crazy on 1. January 2012 - 17:35  (86343)

Poweramp is trial , link2 sd and titanium is for root users , and imo task killers are not necessary for android , gmx mail is not in english ... other suggestions are good..thanx

by Mesen on 1. January 2012 - 19:42  (86351)

You're right about PowerAMP, Link2SD and Titanium Backup but GMX Mail is english and very useful. GMX Mail was elected best in this site.

Thanks for comments...

by Av_Crazy on 2. January 2012 - 2:02  (86368)

Den maybe my mistake..when i clicked the link for gmx for android market the screenshot were not in english and in comments alos ppl had complained

by Jojo Yee on 2. January 2012 - 2:58  (86371)

The UI of the app GMX Mail is in English so I don't see any problem in using it. Added to the list.

by Jojo Yee on 2. January 2012 - 4:54  (86383)

There're two popular schools of thoughts whether you need a task killer for your Android device. One says Yes and the other No.

By design, Android determines for you if it needs to get rid of a process that is not needed by force-killing it, based on its memory management and the apps telling it whether they are running services. (See also Multitasking the Android Way)

Taking the advantage of this design, quite a number of apps don't offer you to close the programs other than pressing the Back button to send them to the background. But there're cases where you still need to actually stop an app without waiting for the system to do so.

Just for example, when I run a game, it always goes back to the stage where I left off. To go back to the beginning stage, I'll need to access the system by going to Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications, and select the game app to 'force stop' it. Or rather, I would run a task killer to do it more quickly than repeatedly going through the many steps.

by Av_Crazy on 2. January 2012 - 10:36  (86398)

If using task killer for closing just one or two apps then its fine but mostly people open task killer and press kill all task which does more harm
and most of time it depends on the user...if he/she thinks it will help than he/she will do it regardless any info

by Av_Crazy on 2. January 2012 - 10:38  (86399)

Why u still havent tested avast ?

by Jojo Yee on 2. January 2012 - 15:25  (86415)

This probably will take us some time to look into as we have more choices of security apps now in the market. Other than Lookout which has been widely used and Avast which was recently officially released as you've mentioned, there're also many others which are worth our attention such as below:

AVG Antivirus Free

Creative Antivirus Free

Norton Security and Antivirus

Dr.Web Anti-virus Light

NetQin Security & Anti-virus

Zoner AntiVirus Free

Webroot Security & Antivirus

Very likely we can set up a separate review category at our site for a more detailed comparison to see how effective these apps are.

by Av_Crazy on 3. January 2012 - 2:38  (86447)

If there's goin to be a seperate review then very good...however if u see this avast has the most features , more features are coming and everything is for free !
also see this chart to see where thy stand in detection

by Kai (not verified) on 15. January 2012 - 4:40  (87190)

Shaking shortcut

by Kai (not verified) on 20. January 2012 - 7:51  (87451)


fast loading and great accessibility. nice interface,if use dark theme.
(you must download to get dark theme)

by niqpw (not verified) on 20. January 2012 - 20:02  (87498)

Nice breakdown of apps in this article. Also check out Amazon Buzz it's my favourite app at the moment and saved me a few dollars:

by Kai (not verified) on 21. January 2012 - 10:09  (87529)

add app list that useful for life.
such as survivsl guide,workut trainer,relax sound,etc.

by Eric JOYE (not verified) on 21. January 2012 - 21:04  (87556)

Among the best Free Calculator, I think missing Calc'1, an excellent business calculator.
After seeing the demo video, I understood how it worked : Excel with two columns...

by Kai (not verified) on 22. January 2012 - 15:53  (87611)


The fastest task switcher and better UI than default task switcher

by Graham (not verified) on 23. January 2012 - 12:11  (87651)

Is it time to do an in-depth review of the security packages and setting control options for Android? I have to admit I'm still a novice when it comes to how the Android OS works, and whether the same rules apply to anti-virus as with a PC i.e. will two anti-virus apps wreak havoc on one-another or not? Most technical sites are currently a little too technical, and the tendency is for the experts with Rooted devices to hold the floor. As my phone is a company phone, I cannot take the risk of attempting to Root it in case I end up with a brick.

The apps which I have tried are all free and many provide additional services and features to confuse the issues. Most if not all are very self-contained when it comes to actually providing technical information, with the result that the user clicks to Scan option, gets a note to say everything is OK and assumes the job is done.

Lookout - as recommended by this site. Scan shows a progress bar and notes each app as it checks them. Additional features (free version) are to back-up data to and a GPS trace if your device is missing.

AVG Antivirus - click the big picture of a pill, and it scans. Additional features (free) includes a File Scanner, to check individual files in the haphazard file system, a non-automated task killer, a battery and memory usage tool, and a data wiper (looks too powerful and dangerous to even click)

Samsung mobile security - free for me from Samsung Kies as my phone is a GalaxySII. Has a splash screen, thats all. TBH the quality of apps available through Sampung Apps is suspect - many are bulky, will not migrate to SD card and since trying out some kids games apps I am getting some spam in the status bar. Although I have not found a way to determine the source or cause of this so cannot really point the finger at any particular app or source.

Comodo mobile security - the firewall of choice on my PC. Just launched about a week. Health Check scans apps for virus, malware and potentially unsafe settings, whatever that means. Additional features include an app manager (uninstaller) with a password protected app protector, and SMS/Call blocker, Private space for call/SMS privacy and a scheduler to run anti-virus daily.

Additionally I am trying to conserve battery by controlling the apps that auto start randomly in the background (I have uninstalled the facebook app as the worst offender I have come across). For this purpose I am trying:

1Tap cleaner - automate to clear the cache on an hourly basis

Advanced Task Killer Free - has three levels of detail for novice through to advanced users. Can tell it what apps should NOT be killed.

Auto Memory Manager - has a slightly more technical way of categorising apps by their prioritisation in the Android OS. Can set to an interval of 5 mins, which will either really keep the running processes down, or cause strange behaviour...

Juice Defender - in my opinion the settings page for JD is a bit messy, and could do with an overhaul. It features an activity log, so at least it has some transparency compared to other apps.

GoLauncher Task Widget - shows up to 12 of the apps running and allows you to close them off the home screen with a touch.

Dolphin HD companion - I installed this as it promised to optimise browsing by controlling battery usage while the browser is open, also links in with WOT for safer browsing. However it can be set to optimise battery usage 24/7 with a power profile and a one-clock optimise button. I believe it also adjusts some settings for the user without really telling you what's going on or giving many options - after one-click, my screen was dimmer, and timed out after 5 seconds. Good for battery, but bad if you had certain setting just the way you like it.

The trouble with all the apps and their options for Android is knowing what is going on in the background - sometimes I pick up the phone and find I have to unlock the SIM card again - is it a crash or has the setting in one app switched to Airplane mode? Which one? When and why did this occur? Are two apps conflicting? etc.

What I would really like to find is a logger - that records what apps have started up in the background, what they have done, what information they have sent and to where. Some apps have very suspect sounding permissions, but there may be a genuine reason, or maybe they are free because they have sent all your contacts numbers or email addresses to a spam database? Time for a blacklist? Or a WOT style user rating system?

To find out a little background info, I am trying Permission Friendly Apps, which gives each app a score against the permissions it requires when installed. Also Doctor Permission, which breaks down app permissions by category (network communication, hardware controls, phone calls etc.) They seem useful but the onus is on the user to determine what is a genuine function of what the app does vs. a free-app/privacy trade-off.

by Ira (not verified) on 24. January 2012 - 14:36  (87696)

I am looking forward to some great apps ths year and i have already been treated with FreePhoo .... amazingly simple yet very cool. sound, clarity and connectivity right up to my expectations!

by Graham (not verified) on 24. January 2012 - 16:50  (87708)

Just to update on the problem of spam in the status bar - I have found two very handy apps which found the problem straight away:

Addons Detector:
This program very quickly scanned all of my apps and allowed me to see what sort of add-ons they include such as advertising (on screen), analytics, social gaming and the offender: push notifications. A click on the offending app in the list and I was at the uninstall screen. The app allows you to optionally upload the log of your scan so that the developer can form a database of add-ons in the vast and expanding market.

Airpush Detector:
This app requires no permissions, a perfect score of Zero using Permission Friendly Apps to rate it. There isn't much interaction, it simply gives you a list of any apps with airpush and a few other spamming add-ons. The developer quite benignly suggests you might prefer the open source version, Addons Detector above, which he states is at least as good.

The offender was a 3D graph app using open GL, which is quite pleasant and powerful in what it does, but very frequently started up in the background and pushed spam into my notice bar. I monitored it for a while using My Data Manager Free ( and found that it even connected by 3G rather than wi-fi and cost me money!

by dkravets on 26. January 2012 - 1:51  (87785)

JuiceDefender - be VERY careful with this application. I installed it, played with it a bit and uninstalled it. The result of this sequence of action was that mobile data on my Samsung Charge was permanently disabled and I needed to do a factory reset to get it functioning again.

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