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Best Free Android Apps

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11. Best Free Personal Development for Android


Best Free Language Learning for Android

A Word A Day (235 KB), learn today's English word from Merriam-Webster dictionary, or download the episode and listen to it, with good examples and meaningful word origins. You can also practice your English word pronunciation with Google voice.
Duolingo (4.9 MB), a popular and high quality app for you to learn another language from the language you're familiar with, either it's Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, or English. It's fun, addictive and allows you to track your progress with shiny achievements. No fees, no ads and no gimmicks.

Best Free Talks and Lectures for Android

TED (4.4 MB), talks at TED events usually last around 30 minutes and cover everything from technology to art to medicine to music. Almost all of the talks are online for you to watch at your leisure or they can even be downloaded with the app for offline viewing.

Best Free Articles and Answers for Android

HowStuffWorks (4.09 MB), gives you instant access to over 30,000 articles, podcasts and videos with clear explanations of how things work. You can select Featured, Facts, Shows, Read or Quotes, or type your own question and search for the answers which are made simple and easy to understand.

Best Free Publishing and Reading for Android

Free Books - Wattpad Ebooks (21.7 MB), a remarkable app connects writers to readers instantly and has a huge library of millions of books and stories available for free. Writers can easily publish their work, build a fan base and receive feedback, while readers can collect stories into reading lists, post comments, vote for their favorites and share with friends.

Best Free Astronomy Software for Android

Google Sky Map (2.2 MB), point your device at the night sky or browse the skies in manual mode from anywhere at anytime and it helps you identify the stars, planets, constellations and other celestial objects with labels. You can also zoom and search the objects with this absolutely fun and good educational app.

Best Free Sports Tracking for Android

My Tracks (832 KB), record your GPS tracks and view live statistics including time, speed, distance and elevation while hiking, cycling, running or participating in other outdoor activities. You can also share your tracks by sending them to Google My Maps and Google Docs.
CardioTrainer (5.45 MB), an excellent application to track and record your fitness activity with GPS and pedometer functions. Voice notifications, schedules and reminders, music integration and many more features are included.

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by sourabh (not verified) on 18. July 2011 - 8:25  (75744)

Hi friends,
I want to know app. which can record incoming and outgoing calls and compatible on LG P500.


by Jaikrishna on 18. July 2011 - 14:27  (75757)

I'd like to recommend Llama -
It is an automatic profile switcher based on conditions such as time and location.
It can also perform a variety of actions based on a combination of various conditions.
IN SHORT- It is a free alternative to Tasker

by abhay2009 on 21. July 2011 - 15:21  (75974)

Dear Jojoyee,

I request you to consider adding following apps to the list:

Smart Taskbar (Sidebar) - a fine alternative launcher and multi-tasking app.

Go Weather Widget - excellent free weather widget with a lot of skins and wallpapers!

by Jojo Yee on 22. July 2011 - 9:01  (76018)

Thanks Abhay2009 for mentioning GO Weather which is a good app and added to the list. Smart Taskbar is a nice app too but IMO when compared with Apps Organizer, the latter works more directly and efficiently as a program launcher.

by Jojo Yee on 23. July 2011 - 9:44  (76091)

Thanks Jaikrishna for the suggestion. I've installed the app and need some time to evaluate it.

[Update: This app worked well and added to the list.]

by Jaikrishna on 24. July 2011 - 7:19  (76149)

You are welcome! I'm using the app and its very helpful.
I'd suggest changing its title to "Profile Changer and Automator". Because it can also perform other actions like turning off wifi/bluetooth, closing an application, playing music,..etc.

by Jojo Yee on 24. July 2011 - 8:58  (76152)

That's a good idea Jaikrishna.

by abhay2009 on 24. July 2011 - 12:32  (76159)

Dear Jojoyee,

Today, I am going to suggest 2 new apps which are worth including this list without thinking any further, such is the usefulness and features of the free version of each apps:

1. Juicedefender - a versetile and all-round battery maintenance app.
2. Widgetsoid - excellent widgets maker app for catering all your needs for widgets.

I am sure that you will definitely thank me and compliment me for suggesting these two!

by Jojo Yee on 25. July 2011 - 13:11  (76211)

Thanks Abhay2009 for suggesting more good apps. I'll give them a try and compare with others within a week or so.

[Update: Both apps added.]

by Mobile Software (not verified) on 28. July 2011 - 12:31  (76355)

With NoteRec ( you can record a meeting, take notes and later playback the meeting jumping to the audio position associated with each note.

by king khan (not verified) on 29. July 2011 - 7:32  (76425)

Easy Filter Call Blocker & SMS is not on the market anymore, anyother sources or similar app? I know Handcent has a blacklist feature, but I want only the filtering functionality and not a replacement for the default sms app.

by Jojo Yee on 30. July 2011 - 2:45  (76502)

Thanks King Khan for the info. You might want to give BlackList a try.

by abhay2009 on 1. August 2011 - 5:26  (76659)

Dear Jojo,

I have replaced Diaro with Colornotes as Diary app. Colornotes is a great app.

by abhay2009 on 1. August 2011 - 10:20  (76685)

Dear Jojoyee,

I was searching the Market for excellent Analog Clock Widget and I found Animated Analog Clock Widget worth to put on my home screen. I found it to be accurate and trendy with 3 skin packs to put on.

by Jojo Yee on 2. August 2011 - 2:21  (76725)

Thanks Abhay2009 for the info. The animated ticking second hand of the clock was pretty cool, though the clock looked a bit oval in shape when tried on my device.

by Gregster on 6. August 2011 - 14:28  (77036)

Hi Jojo and All,

Here is my first contribution. I was searching for a music player, frustrated that most are library based, I need a directory based one but couldn't get on with your suggested MyMusicOn music player.
When I upload a compilation album, I want it to stay as an album, not get scattered around as a hundred thousand artists!
I found MortPlayer, which I'm very happy with, it simply shows my albums.

However, while searching I found the most brilliant music app, moodagent. It has 5 sliders (sensual, tender, happy, angry, tempo) to adjust, so depending on your mood it will search your library and generate and play a playlist, perfect. What it also does is point you in the direction of other related music, online.

Try Cover Art Downloader if you're missing any covers

So now I have all music bases covered, Sorted!

Other apps I use thanks to this list are:
Application Protection (personal / confidential notes in Evernote)
Lookout AV and contacts back-up
Opera Mini (the Only browser to use!)
CamCard Lite

Other apps:
SlideIt Soft Keyboard for all my typing
Smart Rotator

Thanks for a brilliant site!!!!!!!!!!


P.S. gonna try out Diaro, thanks for the tip abhay2009

[Moderator's note : Names edited of some programs to point to free versions. Commercial program edited out.]

by XMSCAN (not verified) on 10. August 2011 - 3:29  (77349)

Hi guys, we are happy to announce here that we have released ScanCard FREE VERSION (instead of previous lite version) on Android Market.

You would be able to capture images, recognize and save limitless cards. The service is also cloud-based, which means your cards are backed up on the cloud service as well. Then you will be free to manage your contacts anywhere at anytime. The only constraint is that you need a web synchronization account, which is free charge as well, to use the solution.

By far, we are the only “100% free” business card reader working on Android OS, which recognizes Chinese, English and other European languages, with a real performant OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine, accuracy up to 95%+++. Compared to most cloud-based solutions, with ScanCard you are getting the recognized contact information immediately after capturing the business card's image, no need to wait days and hours before getting it on hand.

View ScanCard's video on Youtube:

View more ScanCard’s reviews:

Download Link:

Any comments are welcome! Thanks for your supporting!


by Joy039 (not verified) on 10. August 2011 - 6:36  (77358)

Go Launcher EX is getting better and better in my opinion.

Anyway, I wanna share this, maybe the easiest way to activate and deactivate either pin or password or pattern screen lock if we set one on. With just 2 clicks :)
First of all, I use pin for screen lock. I prefer to lock the phone to only just some applications. Personal taste.
'Turning off' the security lock password/pin/pattern via Android setting is time wasting :)

I use Simi Clock Widget
2x1 is enough for me as I like clean home screen. Simi Clock can also be used as applications launcher. I set the left tap for No Lock app
So if I don't want to lock my phone, I just use No Lock to disable locking. Same way if I want to lock it (with security pin is always on).

Plus, set Go Laucher EX glide down action for Screen Off and Lock app


by Prasad Bharadwaj (not verified) on 10. August 2011 - 9:31  (77368)

HI Jojoyee,

I need email application which can save my inbox read email and read it as and when i needed with attachment.

Currently am using maildroid...this application has a functionality to send and receive email and also to move to sd card ( Memory Card )

Once i download all the email's to my computer mail clinet like outlook...that's end of it..

i will not be able to view email's on my mail droid which is in android phone.

Need a solution for this.

Thanks & Regards
Nagendra Prasad

by Jojo Yee on 11. August 2011 - 4:40  (77421)

IMO a better option is to use a webmail which you can access across platforms and devices from any places. If I understand it correctly, I don't think MailDroid supports for reading Outlook archives or the other way around.

by Jojo Yee on 11. August 2011 - 4:47  (77423)

Welcome your contribution Gregster and thanks for sharing it with us.

by Nimitha (not verified) on 18. August 2011 - 10:15  (77887)

Hi Jojoyee,

I would like to suggest a new app that got released to the Android market a couple of weeks back.

It is myBantu - a free online personal assistant.
myBantu is a free online personal assistant that helps you in dining, movie, shopping and local business needs. It gives you very personalized and relevant recommendations, opinions from friends and web world, online coupons and more.

Check this link:

by Vahid (not verified) on 19. August 2011 - 5:26  (77927)

Hi There,

I used both contact managers you mentioned here but didn't like them and ended up with "Go Contacts". Free and cool! based on HTC Sence contact manager I think but great for that am on CM7 at the moment.


by mobiappmax (not verified) on 20. August 2011 - 6:20  (78009) is widely used for giving key measurements on ping,Easy Filter Call Blocker & SMS is not on the market anymore, anyother sources or similar app? I know Handcent has a blacklist feature

by mattb (not verified) on 20. August 2011 - 14:44  (78037)

rooting and overclocking is a very bad idea. all your doing is making the processor work harder which will shorten the life span of the phone. a better option is to figure out whats causing the problem and fix that. i mean if your car didn't have any power you wouldn't just jam the gas pedal to the floor, you'd take it to a mechanic and see what was wrong with it. fixing problems > band-aids like overclocking.

by Av_Crazy on 27. August 2011 - 13:54  (78441)

Finally i can utilize all the best and hd applciation with my new S2 :D

And here are some apps for u to consider

1. 2 player reactor - great game
2. air control lite - another great game
3. alarm clock xtreme - better than alarmdroid imo
4. android pro widgets - cool set of widgets
5. android lost - many features for free
6. autorun manager - like autoruns for pc
7.appremover - much faster dan easy uninstaller

and many more..will add later

by mattb (not verified) on 30. August 2011 - 23:18  (78691)

id like to recommend weatherbug. its free, tracks your location so it gives you updates where you currently are, has alerts in it. plus its free. its the best and i have tried them all as im a truck driver and knowing the weather is a big help.

by Kathyyy (not verified) on 14. September 2011 - 18:02  (79605)

I like This is Android app to manage smses by the website. I can send, receive, browse and... my smses from phone by the website This app is very helpful and simple for me. It's worth to check.

by Jojo Yee on 17. September 2011 - 7:09  (79769)

Good suggestions Av-Crazy.

[Update: both Air Control Lite and 2 Player Reactor added to the list.]

by Vahid (not verified) on 20. September 2011 - 7:11  (79937)

Hi Jojoyee,

I have 2 suggestions that have made my life much easier

1. FTPServer. is exactly what its name says

2. automateit which is kind of light, more user friendly and free version of the famous Tasker app.

Now my wifi is enable automatically when I'm at home and my FTP server is also automatically started when I'm connected to my home WiFi and my phone FTP is auto-mounted on my Ubuntu, so: my phone is wirelessly accessible when I get home without touching anything!