Spam Blockers: The Best Products for Home Use

Easy to use programs that will effectively block spam from your email

As Editor of Support Alert newsletter I've tried dozens of spam blockers. Some offer phenomenal spam detection rates but are really difficult to use. Others are easier to use but don't simply work very well.

This makes it really hard for average folks. They don't want to spend hours setting up spam filters, they just want them to work. They want to get rid of all that spam without being forced to become computer nerds.

But there's good news:

I've found two spam blockers that do deliver the goods for home users. To be frank, there are other highly advanced spam filters that offer slightly better spam detection rates than these products. However, to use these sophisticated filters, you'll need a lot of technical skill.

The two products I've found can be used by anybody. Both will effectively remove the vast majority of your spam with a simplicity that will leave you smiling.

Both give excellent results even though they work in totally different ways. Both will delete the vast majority of spam while safely leaving alone your real mail in. I give each my hearty recommendation. 

If you want to get rid of spam without dedicating your life to be becoming a computer expert, this is your chance to take revenge on the spammers.

Editor's Choice: Best spam blockers for average users:

Cloudmark Desktop (For Outlook / Outlook Express Users only)

Cloudmark doesn't try to work out what email is spam rather it relies on the collective opinion its one million+ users to do that.

This approach is both simple and effective. And it makes using the product simple too. On most days, you won't have to do anything, Cloudmark will just quietly and inconspicuously work away removing unwanted mail from your in-box.

But it's not only simple to use, it has very respectable spam detection rates and will stop phishing hoaxes and other unwanted mail as well.

Cloudmark's real strength though, is that it will never delete your genuine personal mail by incorrectly classifying it as spam. That's something that no other spam blocker can match and it's a great source of security for those who want to ensure they never miss an important email.

If you use Outlook or Outlook Express and you value ease of use, then don't look any further. This is the product for you.  More details.

MailWasher V5

Unlike Cloudmark, MailWasher will work with just about every email program

MailWasher doesn't remove spam from your PC rather it removes spam from your mail server before you download your mail to your PC.

This may seem strange but it makes a lot of sense. It means that when you download your email, you download it free of spam. That means smaller, faster mail downloads.

Checking your mail on the server has other advantages: it means that you can delete obvious viruses, large attachments, phishing hoaxes and other unwanted mail before downloading. That way they never come anywhere near your PC.

Although it can be set up to work automatically MailWasher works best when you cast a watchful eye over its decisions. And the program is cleverly set up to allow you to do this quickly and efficiently.

In fact, that's one of the strengths of MailWasher's approach. It offers real user-control over the spam removal process and ensures that your real mail will not be incorrectly classified as spam.

Add to that the fact that it's simple, it's effective and completely comprehensible even to computer novices and you have a winning combination. More details



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by antonalfredo on 16. February 2013 - 18:08  (105467)

How about G-lock Spam Combat? It is now free and also works by removing spam from the server.

[Moderator's note : Links inserted]

by Anupam on 16. February 2013 - 18:28  (105468)

It's a kind request. Whenever you post a suggestion, please do include the links to its homesite, so that editors, moderators, and other users do not have to go search for it. Sometimes, if we cannot find any proper information on a product being free, or other relevant information, we will delete the comment, or even ban for spam.

I have inserted the relevant links in the comment.

by Ursula (not verified) on 2. February 2012 - 17:00  (88182)

There is also a "free" Spamfilter offered by BullGuard which works great for me.
I wonder why it is not mentioned on this website?
I truly believe it's worth a review!

by DarkVision (not verified) on 6. December 2010 - 3:08  (62075)

As a blind user I have to say CloudMark Desktop works great with my Windows 7.0 with Office 2010. I do have one question however. Am I wasting my time using something like this when Office 2010 has a pretty good junk filtering already?

by ianjrichards (not verified) on 6. December 2010 - 22:42  (62126)

I haven't tried the Office 2010 spam blocker but I do have Office 2007 and I can say that Cloudmark Desktop leaves the spam blocker in Outlook 2007 for dead. In fact I have the Office spam filter disabled as it adds nothing other than regularly classifying my real mail as spam. - Gizmo

by Anonymous on 18. January 2010 - 16:31  (41445)

Check out Spamblocker; it's free and easy to use. I've tried others as I hear about them, but always come back to Spamblocker

by Anonymous on 22. June 2009 - 23:54  (24262)

Is Soodonims really free? I tried it and like it. I sent an email and they said they have been up over a year, but is there a catch? It seems 2good 2b true

Appreciate it


by Lewis (not verified) on 7. June 2011 - 18:44  (73455)

Nope, no catch.

The Free service you may have signed up for is still free and always will be.
We also continue to offer a free "Lite" version.

I invite all current and new users to check out our recently launched look and features

Also please feel free to leave a note in our forum


[Moderator's Note : Removed details about paid service]

by Anonymous on 15. June 2010 - 15:17  (52168)

I have been using it since late 2008 and love it and have found no catch.

by Anonymous on 3. May 2009 - 13:00  (20987)

I recently downloaded a newer version of Internet Explorer, I. E. version 8. Then a few nights ago, had a virus alert, my virus blockers did a good job and got rid of it, no more problems with viruses. However, many emails that I used to get in my spam file (I have Yahoo mail), I now get in my regular mailbox, for instance, companies trying to sell me cars, suggest jobs, sell me all kinds of products. These kinds of emails used to go into my spam folder, no more. I am an at home user of Windows XP. What is the best FREE spam ware for me?

by Anonymous on 4. February 2009 - 9:37  (15292)

Try will work with any email program. Works through POP3. Also lets you see the last 100 emails, so you just got web email as well.

by Anonymous on 3. February 2009 - 17:16  (15230)

I've used Cloudmark for a year now and it's the best I've ever had and I've been doing email since 1990, and I use Thunderbird....................

by Anonymous on 2. December 2008 - 19:13  (11327)

I've used cloudmark for about 4 years now and it's worked brilliantly from an "average guy" perspective.

by Anonymous on 19. September 2008 - 15:41  (8027)

Cloudmark does not worked for me at all.

by Anonymous on 29. August 2008 - 18:28  (7075)

Take a close look at
Its spam repvention in the form of disposable email addreses

by Anonymous on 20. June 2009 - 0:18  (24157)

Cloudmark is very good for real spammers. Once it gets rejected by enough users its toast. But if you subscribe to a site hoping to get one free download, it wont get rid of that. ie: the one offs. Those emails keep coming.

Mailinator is also good, but doesn't work on Macs

Soodonims on the other hand works on any platform (web based) and allows you to just click on the domain name or the email you want halted and its done. They get stopped at the server level after that, before it gets to you. You can even see how many tried to get through.
Pretty and easy to use.
My 2 cents.


by Anonymous on 20. June 2009 - 0:19  (24158)

Soodonims is free.

by Anonymous on 16. March 2009 - 18:44  (17978)

I did try Soodonims and it works great. Very satisfied. I'd even pay for it if it werent free.

by Anonymous on 19. June 2009 - 13:51  (24144)


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