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Open Source Album Art Finder 83.6%
Simplify Your Life As a Student with Timetable 69.1%
DNS Server Blocks Malware Sites Automatically 85.5%
Favourite Windows Remote Desktop Manager Gets A Refresh 69.1%
The Best Screenshot Program For Map Captures 87.3%
Year In Space: 1,000 Photos From The International Space Station 87.3%
Assign Text To Hotkeys With This Tiny Freeware Program 83.6%
Suspicious Windows 7 Update? It's Only Microsoft. 72.7%
Windows Notepad With Added Encryption Keeps Your Thoughts Safe 78.2%
Create A Perfectly Formatted CV Easily 85.5%
Updates To My Favourite Disk Space Finder 83.6%
Six Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 8.1 Update 74.5%
Remove Images From Web Pages, For Speed And Cheaper Printing 92.7%
The Ultimate Guide To Your PC's CPU And What It Can Do 72.7%
A Handy Report For All Web Site Operators 76.4%
Do You Qualify for Free Microsoft Software? 89.1%
A Free Animation Utility That can be Used by the Non-Artistic 87.3%
Turn Any Image On The Web Into Giant Wall-Art Instantly 72.7%
How to Write Compelling Articles on Technical Topics 89.1%
Simple, Fast Online Stopwatch And Countdown Timer 69.1%
Adobe Launched A Smart App To Scan Documents Into PDF with Text Recognition 65.5%
Best Free Volunteer, Charity, and Donation Technology 90.9%
Finds of the Week: Easy Copy and Paste Characters, Product Hunt, Empty the Recycling Bin Automatically, Free Guide to Combining Typefaces 83.6%
Turn Your Android Device Into Ebook Reader for Free 67.3%
10 Free Linux E-books For Beginners 83.6%