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Finds of the Week: Easy Copy and Paste Characters, Product Hunt, Empty the Recycling Bin Automatically, Free Guide to Combining Typefaces 83.6%
How To Block Ads On All The Leading Webmail Systems 69.1%
Free Online OCR Service 89.1%
What to do if you Reserved a Windows 10 Upgrade but Changed Your Mind 81.8%
Five Places to Find New Uses for Old Smartphones and Tablets 87.3%
375,000 Free Images from the Metropolitan Museum of Art 92.7%
How to Make Connecting to Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter More Secure 70.9%
Explore Sysmon and the Windows Event Viewer 85.5%
Best PC Glossaries, Guides and Tutorials 92.7%
Fireworks Over Sydney Harbor (Wallpaper of the Week) 87.3%
The Window 7 User’s Guide to Windows 10 76.4%
Wallpaper of the Week: Radiant Morning Sun 78.2%
Terrific Program Lets You Automate Tasks On Your PC 69.1%
Finds of the Week: Tuts+, Hextris (game), OSXDaily, Enable the F8 key to start Safe Mode in Windows 8 69.1%
Amazing Spreadsheet Templates for Excel And Others 87.3%
Free Firefox Add-in Let's you Know Who's Tracking You 85.5%
Free Windows 10 for Mac and Linux Users? 85.5%
Want To Develop Android or iPhone Apps? You Can, For Free. 56.4%
I'm Impressed With This Open-Source Organizer/Mindmap Tool 85.5%
Get Daily Deals on Free and Deeply Discounted eBooks 78.2%
Encircle - Home Inventory With Style 87.3%
A Video Studio In Your Browser. For Free. 89.1%
Put your virtual machines in Boxes 74.5%
Open Source Album Art Finder 83.6%
Best Free Outlook Express Backup 80.0%