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This Free PDF File Utility Integrates Directly With Windows Explorer 16 90.0%
How To Keep Your Passwords Safe 16 90.0%
This PDF Creation Suite Is Totally Free For Private Use 16 41.3%
Software Watch - Adware Watch List 16 83.8%
Free Downloadable PDF Tech Guides and Tutorials 16 83.8%
How to Restore Open Windows Folders When You Log Off and On or Restart 16 83.8%
How to be Safer and Speed Up Your Surfing with this New Security Feature in the Firefox and Chrome Browsers 16 82.5%
Free Utility Can Remove Annoying Nag Screens 16 87.5%
Google Offers New Faster Search 16 90.0%
Finds of the Week: Free Prints & Photographs, Haiku Generator, Troubleshooting Computer Problems, Backing Up Gmail, Transfer All Contacts from Android to iPhone and Vice Versa, Shutting Down Windows 8 16 83.8%
Free Mail Collector - All Email Accounts in One Place 16 78.8%
Nifty Free Application Lets You Control Hundreds of Windows System Utilities in One Convenient Place 16 80.0%
Purge your PC: Decide What PC Programs Get Booted (Website of the Week) 16 78.8%
How to Reduce Spam 16 63.8%
Google Book Downloader: Save Google Books as PDFs 16 71.3% (Website of the Week) 16 68.8%
Simple Online Tool Helps Verify Suspicious Emails 16 72.5%
Best Sites To Read Books Online Without Download or Registration 16 60.0%
Clean Up Windows and Speed Up Your PC With This Free Utility 16 76.3%
Speed Up Disk Cleanup in Windows XP 16 93.8%
Three More Lesser-Known but Useful Windows Keyboard Shortcuts 16 80.0%
A Handy Windows Troubleshooting Tool that's Free For Non-Commercial Use 17 84.7%
Finds of the Week: 7 Ways To Learn to Code, 2014 Monthly Calendar Templates, Book Price Comparison Made Simple, Printable Paper, Troubleshoot Office 2013 Issues, 17 83.5%
Google's Just-announced Google Wave may Swamp Microsoft 17 92.9%
Free Tool Analyses Email Header To Show Route Taken 17 82.4%
Finds of the Week (December 31, 2011) 17 64.7%
Finds of the Week (May 14, 2012) 17 94.1%
Why You Have Less Space on Your Hard Drive Than You Thought 17 94.1%
Three Ways to Restore Features That Were Left Out Of Windows Vista or Windows 7 17 75.3%
Worried About Clicking On A Bit.Ly Link? Follow This Tip. 17 94.1%
Feed Your Brain at Today I Found (Website of the Week) 17 91.8%
Select Your Mood. Get The Soundtrack. Brilliant! 17 80.0%
During March: A New Free Utility or other Goodie Every Day 17 49.4%
This $49 Excel Add-On is Free For Home Users 17 88.2%
A Superb Text Editor For When Notepad Isn't Good Enough 17 87.1%
Microsoft's Excellent Free Antivirus Reaches Version 2 17 82.4%
Comodo Software Removed from Softpedia 17 69.4%
This Graphics Package Was $90 But It's Free Until 24th November 17 91.8%
Free Math eBooks Online 17 88.2%
The 7 Tips Our Readers Liked Most in 2013 17 90.6%
Visual Thesaurus Helps You Think Of Ideas 17 90.6%
Computer Aids for the Visually Impaired 17 48.2%
Make Your Windows 8/8.1 Computer Act Like New with the Refresh Feature 17 80.0%
How to Control the Amount of Disk Space Used by System Protection (System Restore) in Windows Vista/7 17 87.1%
This DTP Program for Windows Is Free 17 84.7%
Protect Your Valuable Data with My Lockbox 17 64.7%
Not So Much A Hot Find As A Cool Sound 17 77.6%
Audacity 2.0 Released [Updated] 17 81.2%
Best Free Email Backup Utility 17 74.1%
Automatically Install More Than 100 Firefox Addons With a Single Click 17 62.4%

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