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How to Turn Your Personal Pictures into Windows Icons the Really Quick and Easy Way 90.6%
The 7 Tips Our Readers Liked Most in 2013 90.6%
Five Windows 8.1 Tips You Need to Know 90.5%
How to Create Recovery Discs or USB Keys in Windows 8 90.5%
Freeware Games Of The Week (Continuity, LF2) 90.5%
Best Free iPhone Apps 90.5%
Are You Using ClearCloud DNS? If So, You MUST Read This 90.5%
Convert PDF To Word, Right Inside Your Dropbox 90.5%
Amazing! Create A Windows Font From Your Own Handwriting 90.5%
Organize Your Desktop With Stardock Fences For Windows (only available as a paid version, free version discontinued). 90.4%
Three Ways to Easily Access Your Most Recent Documents and Files in Windows 8.x 90.4%
Rsync-based backup tools worth considering 90.4%
Best Free Font Manager 90.4%
Free Browser Extension that Efficiently Blocks Ads Using Less Memory 90.4%
Tweaking and performance guide for XP, Vista, and Windows 7 90.4%
Security Software That Will Wow You. I Guarantee. 90.3%
This Free WiFi Network Finder is Easy to Use and Very Powerful 90.3%
This Antivirus is the Number-One contender on the block 90.2%
Best Free Typing Tutor 90.2%
Find the Fastest DNS Server for Your Computer 90.2%
How to Add Your Favorite Folder or Program to (My) Computer in Windows 7 and 8 90.0%
An Office Suite That's Especially Designed For Kids 90.0%
Free Software for Aspiring Novelists 90.0%
How to Create a Program Shortcut to Run Without the UAC Prompt in Windows 7 90.0%
This Mind Mapping Tool is Small, Portable and Free 90.0%