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How To Disable Error Reporting in Windows 7 24 93.3%
Still Got An XP Machine? Turn It On Now. 24 84.2%
Website of the Week ( 24 63.3%
Nifty Way to Safely Move Folders or Programs to Another Drive or Partition in Windows 7 24 88.3%
Nifty Way to Find Out What Your Windows Computer Has Been Doing 24 83.3%
This $30 File Manager Is Now Free 24 78.3%
Finds of the Week: Free Forensic Software, Historic Maps, Create List of Installed Programs (Windows), DIY Photography, Improve Your Handwriting, Amazing Fact Generator 24 95.0%
How to Create a Program Shortcut to Run Without the UAC Prompt in Windows 7 24 92.5%
How To: Glue This to That (Website of the Week) 24 91.7%
Explore Current And Past Weather With This Superb Site 24 89.2%
Microsoft SkyDrive Finally Gets Its Desktop App 24 88.3%
Looking for Older Versions of Software? Try Old Apps (Website of the Week) 24 94.2%
Finds of the Week: Almost Every File Format, Billions of Free Sudoku, Light Browser, Easy Journaling, Computer & Internet Basics, xkcd web comic 24 78.3%
Security Software is Free Throughout December 24 83.3%
How to Report Dangerous Websites 24 92.5%
Finds of the Week (January 22, 2012) 24 74.2%
Coming Soon - Take This $2400 Linux Course For Free 24 92.5%
Finds of the Week: Buffer YouTube Videos, Desktop Wallpaper Calendars, 40 Free Fonts, Martha's Web, Windows 8 Start Screen Patterns 23 75.7%
Explore A Virtual Human Body With Stunning Graphics 23 75.7%
Get Registry First Aid 6 for Free 23 87.0%
Optimizing Bittorrent Clients for Speed 23 70.4%
Nominations for Freeware Product of the Year (Now Closed) 23 89.6%
How to Prepare for Boot or System Problems by Creating a Windows 7 Repair Disk 23 85.2%
How to Keep Google from Putting Your Name and Picture in Their Ads 23 93.0%
PDF to Word Converter Is Free For 2 Days Only 23 62.6%
Best Free Drive Encryption Utility 23 84.3%
I Love This Real-Weather Screen Saver 23 87.8%
Tips and Tricks to Make Full Use of Favorite Links 23 70.4%
Sounds You Don't Want To Hear: Failing Hard Drives 23 90.4%
How to Make Hibernation Work Better on Your PC 23 74.8%
Free eBooks Online For Teens And Young Adults 23 54.8%
Freeware Game of the Week (UNBELIEVABLE! Re-Visit the World that started the Half-Life continuum) 23 77.4%
You Have 10 Days To Get This $35 Program For Free 23 65.2%
Using Windows 7 And Linux On The Same Computer 23 84.3%
Two Free Portable Application Launchers 23 87.0%
Explore The World of RSS Feeds 23 82.6%
Best Free Web Site Link Checker 23 92.2%
How to Manage Your USB Devices Better 23 78.3%
I Actually Like This Simple Windows Media Player 23 76.5%
Reduce Printing Costs by Choosing the Correct Font 23 94.8%
A Brilliant Internet Radio Stream Player/Recorder/Searcher 23 85.2%
Understanding The Windows 7 UAC 23 84.3%
All The Figures You'll Need To Prune Your Hard Drive 23 83.5%
40 Maps That Will Help You Understand Our World 23 89.6%
Finds of the Week (November 26, 2011) 23 83.5%
Take the world's best courses, online, for free 23 89.6%
How to Repair a Windows 7 System with an Installation Disc 22 80.0%
This Privacy Settings Scanner for Facebook is Great 22 90.0%
How to Make a Quick and Easy Online Antivirus Check of a File or App Before Downloading it 22 94.5%
How to Really Speed up File Copying in Windows 22 87.3%

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