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How to split, trim and join wmv video files with AsfBinWin?

AsfBinWin is one of the best splitters/trimmers/joiners for asf/wmv/wma files. It can look confusing at first, but it only takes a couple of minutes to understand how to use it.

Download it from here:

Just unrar it. There is no setup, this is fully portable freeware.


Why use AsfBinWin instead of a regular video editor like Windows Live Movie maker?

  • The export process is 100x faster (1000-3000fps vs. 30-80fps)
  • Lossless editing = Better quality
  • Easier and faster to use


When to use AsfBinWin?

1) You have a long video and you want to split it scene by scene. Example: Concert video, and you want to save each song in a separate file.

2) You want to remove some parts from a video. Example: TV recording and you want to remove the commercial breaks from it.

3) You have a long video that has been cut in smaller parts and you want to join them back together. Example: You downloaded a video in several parts (video01.wmv, video02.wmv, video03.wmv [...] video45.wmv), and you want to put them all back in one file.

Those are only some examples and you may find other uses for AsfBinWin.


1) Split a video in scenes

Click the three dots on the top right of the window and select the folder in which your video is located.

Select the video, then click the three little arrows pointing to the left to add the video to the list of input files.

Click on "Preview" to open the preview window.

Move the first marker near the beginning of the first scene, then adjust with the slider in the preview panel. Place the second marker near the end of the scene, then adjust.

Click "+ Insert" to add the scene to the output batch list.

Repeat those steps for each scene.

When you are done, check the "Save each segment to a separate file" option, choose the Destination folder, rename the output file, then click "Cut/Copy/Join".

Each scene will be saved to a separate file.


Trim or Split with AsfBinWin


2) Remove unwanted content from a video

Choose your folder, select the video and add it to the list of input files.

Select a portion of the video to remove, then click "+ Insert", and repeat for each selection you want to remove.

When you're done, click "Invert Ranges", then make sure "Save each segment to a separate file" is unchecked.

Choose the Destination folder, output filename, then click "Cut/Copy/Join"


3) Join videos

Remember this will only work if the videos have the same bitrate/resolution/codec... Usually, you should only join videos from a same batch.

Choose your folder, select all the video files you want to join, and add them to the list. You have to add them in the correct order. If the videos are correctly numbered, this shouldn't be a problem.

Place the markers at the beginning and end of the video, then click "+ Insert".

Choose your destination folder and output name, then click "Cut / Copy / Join".


Join with AsfBinWin


Additional tips:

- If you get a problem with the output, click "Advanced settings", uncheck "Enable precise cutting", and restart the export process.

- Do not forget to empty the list if you process several projects one after the other.

- wmv is a kind of asf file. You can change the output extension from .asf to .wmv if you prefer.


For more information about video splitters/trimmers/joiners, visit Best Free Software to Split, Trim or Join Video Files.


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by stretch88 on 25. December 2012 - 14:12  (103975)

Hi All,

I'm have a problem viewing .asf files that I've clipped with asfbin.

The video is being generated from a surveillance camera and can be viewed fine using windows media player.

The issue is, once I cut the file, it will no longer open with windows media player. When viewing the properties of the clipped file, it is still a .asf file, and the size has been reduced, but when clicking on the file, windows media opens but nothing plays.

I can view the clipped file in the preview window of asfbin but that's it.

Any help would be appreciated.

by Collinslc on 29. January 2013 - 19:39  (104939)

I didn't see an answer to your problem. I've only used asfbinWin for a short while but something I stumbled on was that the file format name has to be changed from .asf to .wmv before clicking the Cut/Copy/Join button.

by Gray Area on 19. December 2012 - 0:51  (103745)

I'm also having trouble using AsfBinWin.

I'm simply trying to cut and save a portion of an existing .wmv file.

AsfBinWin is indeed creating files that it itself can read.

Unfortunately, these files won't play in KMPlayer or Windows Media Player. When I try to play them I get error code: 80004005.

I've installed the required support libraries, and I've tried everything else I can think of. Now I'm stumped.

Does anyone have any suggestions, or recommendations?

Thank you, in advance, for your help.

by Ian T (not verified) on 28. October 2012 - 4:05  (101487)

Hi There

I realize that it's been a while since anyone commented on this but I've only just downloaded it. Problem is I can't get the program to recognize any videos.

I converted several .AVI files to WMV using format factory specifically to use this but when I try to add them using the "select files from" button the files are not recognized.

I installed the MFC libraries as they suggest on the download page but still no joy.

Am I missing something?

by arto65 on 28. October 2012 - 11:24  (101503)

What are you trying to accomplish ?
This article is about how to best split/join videos, and one of the important points is to not convert the videos.
Converting from avi to wmv will uselessly degrade the quality of the video and possible produce a larger file than the original.
If you want to split .avi files, I suggest you try avidemux, virtualdub or solveigmm.

by Ian T (not verified) on 28. October 2012 - 12:47  (101508)

I was trying to accomplish a split of a large music video file into smaller files. The original file is in .AVI format so I converted it first in to wmv using format factory so this program could be used for the splitting.

The wmv output file was in no way degraded and I can't see how it matters if the wmv file is the result of conversion, was an original download or was ripped as wmv or for that matter why the size of the file is relevant.

I have a perfectly good 280 mb wmv music file that I tried to add to to the splitting program and it won't accept that file.

But thanks for the suggested alternatives.

by arto65 on 28. October 2012 - 12:53  (101509)

What is this "program" you keep talking about ? There are 15 differents softwares presented in this page, and I have absolutely no idea which one you're referring to.
If you can't see the damage done to the converted video, then good for you. Other people will. Just like some people see nothing wrong with transcoding 320kbps mp3 to 96kbps mp3, then back to flac.
If you don't care about transcoding, just edit your video instead of trying to cut it. Sony Vegas, Adobe premiere, or hell, even windows live movie maker will suit your needs just find.

Edit: what is the duration of this 280MB video ? a proper 720p HD encode would be around 131 MB for a 3:30 video.

by Ian T (not verified) on 29. October 2012 - 3:50  (101530)

Comment content removed.

Please appreciate the editor is only trying to help but needs all the relevant information before being able to do so. Many times we find out that the user software being referred to is not the same as that in the article, so this is never assumed to be the case. Additionally, snide comments directed towards the editor do nothing to help either yourself or someone else who might be experiencing similar issues. MC - Site Manager

by Bl (not verified) on 12. February 2012 - 18:27  (88734)

In past three weeks, I trimed over 100 vedios. Then I tried by unchecking enable precise cutting. Result was much better as no break showed in each segment cutting. Is there a way to repair vedios that were trimed "without unchecking enable precise cutting"! I do not want to redo this whole work all over again by unchecking enable precise cutting. Thanks for your help.

by arto65 on 13. February 2012 - 17:18  (88785)

Sadly no, there is no way to undo that.
Precise cutting reencodes the few images before the first key image.
One solution might trim the first tenth of second at the beginning of the video, so it deletes the reencoded images. A script might be able to treat all videos in a matter of minutes, but you should experiment with it first, to see if this solution is fitting.

by Bl (not verified) on 15. February 2012 - 15:27  (88906)


Triming first 10 seconds did not help. I also used 2 other softwares claming to
repair asf avi rm wmv files, hoping that they might detect cracks between each
segment, but failed, perhaps because these files are not currupt or damaged and
are playble.

My suggestion: Please incorporate help tab to explain markers/ script uses and each
option in advance setting with more detail. Putting cursor over these options give
very little info. and goes away quickly. Asfbin is a very good free programme which
can be top of the line by adding few minor features.

I shall still be interested if my previously trimed files could be fixed without
spending long hours for weeks.

I plan to make dvd's of these videos. Any suggestion fixing cracks on that stage?
An email will be more helpful if the procedure is lengthy to avoied space on blog.

Thanks and Regrds.

by arto65 on 15. February 2012 - 17:29  (88910)

Well, when you make a video DVD, you convert those files to MPEG2. So, with a little luck, those glitches will go away, because the whole video is reencoded.
I can't really say anything without taking a look at those videos. Upload a few on Dropbox or Mediafire, and send me the links by e-mail (click my username, then contact).

by johnow (not verified) on 6. February 2012 - 14:52  (88405)

hi - i lost the page we were chating on, but wanted to make sure you received my thanks


by rajoha (not verified) on 3. June 2011 - 18:33  (73174)

I didn't see a "portable" version. I don't want to install the program because it says "AsfbinWin requires MFC 9.0 libraries to run", and I'd rather not get into that, if I didn't have to. "Just unrar it."? This is a Windows program, right? Thanks.

by arto65 on 3. June 2011 - 19:39  (73179)

Yes, there is only one version and it's portable. So you can't go wrong on that one! :-)
AsfBinWin is a windows portable freeware. You extract what you downloaded and you launch it by double clicking the .exe file. Feel free to come back if you have any problem.

by rajoha (not verified) on 3. June 2011 - 20:28  (73180)

Super! I'll give it a try. Will this program give me the capabilities to take "store-bought" movies (on DVDs) copy the movie to a computer, edit out the undesirable content and then copy it back to a DVD? I'd also like to be able to edit shows I have copied from the TV to a DVD. Would this program provide the tools for that, as well? Thank you for your help.

by arto65 on 4. June 2011 - 0:47  (73194)

Unfortunately no. AsfBinWin deals with only one kind of video files: .WMV.
But I have just the tool you need: DVD shrink (
It's quite old (2004) so you may need on the fly decrypter (dvd43 or dvdfab passkey lite) in addition.

by syntax_error on 4. June 2011 - 2:24  (73197)

One just mentioned on the forum that covers a lot of different video files is Freemake Video Converter.

"Cut, Join, Rotate, Limit output size, and more
Cut unwanted parts from video files, use scene searching option. Rotate or flip video. Join several videos into one file to get a full-length film. Fit the output file size to any limit (e.g. 700 Mb, 1.4 Gb, 4.7 Gb)."

by arto65 on 4. June 2011 - 9:57  (73211)

Yep, but this won't be lossless, it will convert your video, hence worst quality and longer processing times. There are thousands of video editors and converters just like Freemake.
Lossless editing has many limits: you can't crop, resize, rotate, join files from different sources, add a title... If you see any editor boasting those features, it's not lossless.
Lossless editing main advantages are that it's high quality and very fast.

by Anonymous_6789 (not verified) on 1. June 2011 - 4:14  (73007)

what about something that fixes broken AVI files and permanently? stupid VLC player takes forever and then if you try to play the file later its the same wait all over again every time..what a waste..

by arto65 on 1. June 2011 - 8:04  (73014)

That would be DivFix. Worked most of the time for me.

by Anupam on 1. June 2011 - 9:11  (73018)

There is DivFix++ too.

by Jake MAverick (not verified) on 31. May 2011 - 16:51  (72983)

very handy, but on a related note....can anybody recommend soemthing for fixing a corrupted wmv?


by arto65 on 31. May 2011 - 17:31  (72991)

Well, that's the beauty of AsfBinWin, it will also fix your broken wmv/wma/asf files! You can even force reindexing in the settings.

by Jake MAverick (not verified) on 2. June 2011 - 1:05  (73078)

thanks?? but i have already tried this proggy before, also came up when i searched to fix wmv....but there doesn't seem to be any options in th eproggy for that, nothing i did with it actually seem to even try and do any fixing.....just various i missing soemthing?

by arto65 on 2. June 2011 - 9:56  (73094)

Well, the process is supposed to be fairly simple: add your video to the input list, place markers at beginning and end of your video, add it to the output list, click "cut/copy/join".
If it doesn't work, feel free to send me a message through the contact form with a link to the file, and I'll try to fix it for you.

by Jake MAverick (not verified) on 3. June 2011 - 18:29  (73173)

thanks but dnt worry abt it! pretty sure it's was abig d/l though, i suspect that it might even be deliberately planted gobbledegook......;-) twasn't that important anyway!

by mousissue (not verified) on 31. May 2011 - 17:25  (72990)

Hi Jake!

i've used AsfTools.
If the file is not terribly damaged, it works pretty well for freeware.

You can find it at:

by Jake MAverick (not verified) on 2. June 2011 - 0:56  (73077)

Thanks for the recommendation! looks like a good lil proggy, but didn't do the job for me I'm afraid....I must have one seriously screwed up file! Time to just delete it I think, but thanks though!