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Microsoft Office Outlook has been around as part of the office suite since 1997, with newer versions released on average every two years. It was already at version 8 by 1997 with earlier versions for MS-DOS, Mac, etc.

Although each new release comes with with some added features and functionality, there has always been room for improvement. As a result, there is a plethora of add-ins for this program, both freeware and commercial software.

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HTML emails are always a potential security issue because they can contain hidden code for viruses, trojans, and other nasties. My personal policy is to delete any emails from unknown sources. However, if you want to safely examine a HTML email, PocketKnife Peek will give you a preview in plain text. It is a COM add-in that works with Outlook 2000 or later. It is compatible with any version of Windows capable of running the corresponding version of Outlook.


RealAccount allows you to designate a default email account and signature for any Outlook Folder. Yet another free utility that provides functionality that should have been included in the original product.


Lookout is a great utility for those of you who have amassed lots of pst files with hundreds or thousands of archived emails. It can index and search all pst files at once as opposed to the standard Outlook 2000 search, which can only do one pst file at a time. Microsoft has purchased the development of Lookout and no longer supports this utility since it has been superseded by Microsoft Windows Search.


Xobni (inboX spelled backward) seems to have attracted a sizable crowd of enthusiastic users. Xobni's Outlook add-in saves you time finding email, conversations, contact info & attachments. I recommend a visit to their website, where current issues are discussed.

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PocketKnife Peek
Gizmo's Freeware award as the best product in its class!

Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
Screen incoming messages without opening them in Outlook, converts HTML messages to plain text, etc.
Multi-user licenses are available for businesses only.
440 KB
Free for private use only
All versions of Windows that run Outlook.

Requires Outlook 2000 - 2010 (32-bit only)
v2.0.0066 released 04 February, 2013
View the revision history here

Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
Allows you to designate a default email account and signature for any Outlook Folder
The software is no longer supported by the developer.
369 KB
Unrestricted freeware

Additional software required: Outlook XP or 2003, plus the CDO library (Outlook optional component in Office setup tool). CDO is not included in a standard Outlook installation, so you may have to manually install it. If you encounter an OCX registering error, you may need to re-install Outlook, or the VB6 runtimes.

Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
Index and search all pst files at once.
No longer supported by the developer.
961 KB
Unrestricted freeware
Windows 2000, XP

Additional software required: Outlook 2000, XP, 2003 and Microsoft .NET

Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
Finding email, conversations, contact info & attachments.
Advanced features limited to commercial version.
6.7 MB
Feature limited freeware
Windows XP to 7

Requires Outlook 2003/2007/2010


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by PackratDragon (not verified) on 16. August 2012 - 6:38  (97770)

One of the things that has annoyed me about Outlook since I started using it, is if you have a new email that is routed to a subfolder, the parent folder does not show as bold. Does anyone know of any extension or add on for Outlook that would bold the parent folder if one of the subfolders has unread mail??

by ElRicou on 25. November 2012 - 21:19  (102897)

On Outlook 2007, when a new mail arrives in a subfolder (by means of a rule), the parent folder doesn't show as bold but is "extended" and show the subfolder in bold
If I remember well it was the same in previous version (2003).

by Alex Smith (not verified) on 29. July 2011 - 21:51  (76485)

What about

by GiantWaffle on 28. June 2011 - 16:48  (74473)

I don't know where to put this. I searched for email signature tools and stuff, but couldn't find any. Can the moderator please put this where it goes? I do appreciate it!

There is a cool little tool that is way old, but is free and it will add your signature to your email and it should work with any email app that allows for a signature file and even web mail, if it allows for a sig file to be added.

It runs independent of the app. And it does rotating signatures (random, or one after the other) and you can set how long between switching sigs, etc. You can even pick different profiles (different user names).

I use it for everything that can add a sig, including forums! Anything that will look for, or allow you to specify where a sig file is (text file), should have no problem utilizing this great little tool!

As far as I know, it will work with every version of Windows since Win95 and thru to Win7, 32 & 64 Bit.

You can get it here:

You also register there. If he doesn't answer for a while, just pop him another email. He'll get back to you at some point. The program is free, but you have to register to get rid of the annoying ad that it adds to the signature. It doesn't mess it up or anything, but who wants it there, right? :)

Anyway, thanks for putting this where it goes and enjoy! :)

by At Last!! (not verified) on 21. June 2011 - 10:04  (74069)

At last I've come across a fee Outlook Add-in for an issue that I've had for ages - synchronizing Outlook and Google contact lists - there are products out there must most of them are paid and the free ones, like GoContacts, have never (for me at least) worked very well. Then I stumbled upon Outlook4Gmail - it does exactly what it says on the tin and from my first few uses does the job very well indeed and all from within Outlook, so there's no need to launch another application.

While on - an add-in that I've been using for ages is ODIR - it's a duplicate finder. It's a bit clumsy in the way it works (you have to let it work on one folder at a time and so if, like me you have loads of folders, checking your entire system can take a long time) and it does not appear to have been updated for ages, but it works very well and as all the duplicates are saved to a new folder you can double check what it has found before actually deleting anything

by Ingo (not verified) on 7. June 2011 - 10:37  (73430)


is there an add-in for MS Outlook to save a single email (including Attachments) as .EML file by right-clicking?


by Nikolay (not verified) on 24. January 2012 - 16:30  (87707)

You can use "Export Messages to EML format" from

by Tara (not verified) on 23. December 2010 - 20:59  (63159)

I need to be able to run multiple searches in different windows at once just like Outlook 2003 did! I can't in 2007! I AM using Xobni just to be able to search at all! Anyone ?????

by Erin (not verified) on 30. November 2010 - 20:50  (61841)

I love Xobni and wish Outlook would buy them and integrate the plugin. Amazing how bad the Outlook search is and how good the Xobni search is.

Another good plugin that you might want to check out/review. ZoomInfo's Community Edition plugin. It runs in the back of your Outlook and then you get access to the ZoomInfo business profiles. Good prospecting info for sales people. Check it out.

by Tic0 (not verified) on 21. October 2010 - 0:50  (59816)

Does any one know an add-in that gives you statistic of outlook?

number of mails received a day, week, month, year, etc.
number of mails send a day, month, etc.

by Frank B. (not verified) on 26. October 2010 - 22:25  (60234)

I'm using a search tool called Lookeen, which comes among other with exactly this kind of feature. It's called Lookeen Analytics. Further information on

Greets Frank

[Moderator's Note: Please be aware that Lookeen is not freeware. It has a 14 day trial, but is considered commercial software. I am leaving the reference or post here because I have not found an equivalent freeware product.]

by Arianj (not verified) on 21. October 2010 - 18:29  (59879)

Xobni Analytics gives you all kinds of info.

by Arjen on 7. April 2014 - 13:01  (115548)

I have used Xobni for more than 6 years, very happy - BUT analytics is no longer working with 2010 - not even in the pro version (see . Am desperately looking for a free alternative just to get daily/weekly/monthly send and received e-mails. Anybody? OutlookStatView only gives per person - not in a way like Xobni did per hour/day/week/monthly/year.

by kendall.a on 21. October 2010 - 4:03  (59823)

Try Xobni as it will give you some of what you are looking for.

by ohiokdr (not verified) on 28. August 2010 - 3:12  (56868)

Great Outlook add in for removing attachments.

by beri (not verified) on 26. August 2010 - 19:26  (56774)



I want to know if you know about any options to add comment to inbox message. The point is that after I complete the issue with any inbox message, I want to leave some comment to help me remember what I did.

A Lot of thanks,


by Paul Rock (not verified) on 15. July 2010 - 14:09  (54325)

I get a status update email everyday regarding my project. I need to archive it in google docs or some other online service. Is there a component that does - right click and send email to that online service? Please let me know. Thanks.

by Anonymous on 29. June 2010 - 21:57  (53461)

I receive an incredible amount of attachments in my email. Occassionally, I want to remove all those attachments to keep the pst file from exceeding 2 GB. Try Outlook Attachment Remover at:

by Anonymous on 26. April 2010 - 8:22  (48459)

Do anyone have a good system to sync outlook between two PCs - a laptop and a desktop in my case. I have a small netbook which I take with me and want to be able to see a copy of my outlook data (without deleting and re-copying the whole of the PST each time).

by Anonymous on 20. May 2010 - 20:55  (50008)

I sync outlook between home and work PCs by just creating a new data folder (PST file) and having it reside on a Flash drive. Just file your emails in this new PST and you'll always have them.

One word of caution. Outlook takes a few seconds to shut down after the main window goes away. Until the Outlook.exe process terminates all PST files are held open. If you have an activity light on your Flash drive then wait until it shows no activity AND use the eject option for the drive.

by Anonymous on 26. March 2010 - 0:45  (46223)

Does anyone know a free way to attach notes/comments and an outlook email/s

by kingofanything (not verified) on 12. February 2011 - 15:05  (66260)

Yes, there is a free tool which can do that and it was actually mentioned in the list the last time I was reading the comments... anyway, it's called gumnotes, it attaches notes to emails, documents or even web pages, very nice indeed. is the site.

by Anonymous on 20. February 2010 - 17:46  (44053)

RedCritter is an Outlook Add-In platform with a gallery of Apps to choose from. It currently has, Twitter, and more. Microsoft Silverlight developers can even use the included SDK to create and distribute their own Outlook enabled Apps.

by Anonymous on 18. February 2010 - 21:07  (43903)

Does anyone know of a Outlook addon or a way to automatically remove e-mail attachments (i.e. photos, videos, docs) from multiple e-mails and put them into a selected folder? Try to manage attachments and it is tedious work.

by Anonymous on 2. February 2010 - 17:44  (42623)

Could someone please inform me of the easiest way to find and remove duplicate messages fro Outlook 2007.

many thanks,

pastor ray

by Anonymous on 1. March 2010 - 11:14  (44781)

Odir (Outlook Duplicate Items remover)

by Anonymous on 9. November 2009 - 16:33  (36273)

Anyone know whether there's an add-in that alerts you when you have more than two or three email addresses in your To or cc box - I'm sure this would be useful to stop me sending all my contacts emnail addresses to everyone else!!

Thanks you

by Anonymous on 29. September 2009 - 12:37  (33537)

xobni is MALWARE (adware)

I cannot trust a company that endorses adware

by Anonymous on 4. January 2010 - 15:47  (40240)

I've run several versions of xobni and am very happy with it.

I think it is currently owned by Microsoft. (Never mind, a little searching suggests the deal didn't go through. (E.L.))

It has helped me find several misplaced or deleted emails and attachments.

Very handy. It should just be integrated into Outlook.

by Anonymous on 4. December 2009 - 2:41  (37799)

no it's not.... I have three adware software running all the's not a

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