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µTorrent Help: Using µTorrent's Torrent Search


µTorrent has a built in torrent search engine that will search individual torrent sites through your browser.  The search sites included in this engine at default will not yield the results that most users want. 

This guide will give you information on how to use the µTorrent search engine and how to add torrent search sites to the µTorrent search engine to get the torrent search results you want.

For a listing of the other µTorrent (or BitTorrent) help pages here at Gizmo's Freeware, please see

For a listing of all the bittorrent help pages here at Gizmo's Freeware, please see

Using µtorrent Torrent Search

The µTorrent torrent search is in the upper right hand corner of µTorrent.



If you are not seeing the above screen, then press Options and click on Show Category List. (older versions) or Show Sidebar (newer versions)  Or just press F7 in any version.

















You will then see one of the two images below.  Click on Torrents or the downward arrow to show torrents and the search box as in the first image above.

utorrent-category-list-expanded-torrents                  utorrent-help-category-list-minimized-torrents

Do not click on Find Content as that will give a Bing search.

To conduct a search enter the search terms in the search box and press the magnifying glass image next to the box, or press Enter on your computer.  If you enter a search term and press the downward arrrow next to the magnifying glass, you will be able to choose the site to search from and when you do the search will begin.

The usual search operators will generally work here, but it does depend on whether the site being searched supports the operators.  For example, "linux mint" will return results where those two words are next to each other, linux -mint will return results with the word linux and without the word mint.

Three of the four search sites included at default will produce few results and the fourth, Google, will produce too many.  For this torrent search to be effective, torrent search sites will need to be added to the search provider listings.

Adding Torrent Search Sites to µtorrent Torrent Search

To add torrent search sites to µTorrent's torrent search the µTorrent preferences must be accessed.  The search providers may be accessed through Options>Preferences>Advanced>UI Extras, but the easiest access is to choose Manage Search Providers through the drop down menu next to the search box.  This will take you directly to the section to add or delete search providers.


You will then see the below listing.


My suggestion is to delete all of those and copy and paste the below torrent search sites in.  When finished, press OK on the Preferences screen.  Where available, I have used https links.

The sites listed below are those referenced at Searching For Torrents (Torrent Search Sites) and are suggested for use as they have good features to weed out fakes.  Using a popular site listed there will return the results you want in almost every search. 

Reading the Searching For Torrents article will help you in using these sites effectively.  µTorrent will get you to the site, but to use the site effectively to get the clean, real and well seeded torrent that you want, you need to use the features of the torrent search site that you are using.


EZTV, which is on the list at Searching for Torrents, can not be added to µTorrent's search as far as I can tell.  There is a free App called Zulu TV which works exclusively with EZTV.

After you have done this, you can check back at the search box to see if all the torrent search sites have been added in.  Your search provider listing should then look as in the image below.


To add your own torrent search site, you go to the site, do a search, delete the search term from the address bar,  then copy the address bar and then add the site name in front and a Pipe  (| = Shift+\ ) between the site name and address.
For example at KAT, I searched debian and got  so what I copied is
I then added the site name and | - so now it is KAT|
Which is what you would copy and paste to show KAT in the search box.

µtorrent Torrent Search Conclusion

Hopefully this guide has clearly explained how to use the  µTorrent torrent search feature to find a clean, real and well seeded torrent of the content you are looking for. 

If you have any comments or suggestions, please post in the comments below or in our Forum.

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by quang (not verified) on 11. November 2012 - 5:46  (102147)

Sorry sir, but the KAT| does not seem to work. It says "Page Not Found". Please help!

by mr6n8 on 9. December 2012 - 16:04  (103465)

I found an answer at their fora finally.

Use this listing (I will change in guide):


by wm2h149 (not verified) on 9. August 2012 - 3:30  (97440)

Nice article; thanks.

I would add, if I may, that I've come to rely on using the "" add-on for Firefox. It searches (I don't know how) many sites at the same time. And so while I do use uTorrent for retrieving my files, I use the add-on to do the searches.

Thanks again for the article.

by mr6n8 on 9. August 2012 - 6:01  (97448)

Yes indexes a lot of sites. I also like how they have a list of all the trackers for a torrent, set up to copy and add to uTorrent.

It would have ranked number 1 in my Best Free Torrent Search Sites if it did not refer to other sites for the torrent download. Some of the sites it refers to are a bit sneaky in their torrent download display. Since the article is for newer users, this hurt their ranking a bit, but they are still there because of the wide ranging indexing they do.

I have not tried the Firefox addon. A matter of personal preference on how to search, either at the site, through the addon or through uTorrent (which takes you to the site).


by DennisO (not verified) on 8. August 2012 - 22:45  (97429)

"For example, 'linux mint' will return results where those two words are next to each other, linux -mint will return results with the word linux and without the word linux."

I tried that but all I got was the word linux without the word mint. Am I doing something wrong? I would really like to see "results with the word linux and without the word linux". I am guessing that would be like a blank page? (lol)

BTW thanks for the information.

by mr6n8 on 8. August 2012 - 23:18  (97430)

Scratch my previous answer and replace with DOH!

Thanks for pointing out the typo. Fixed.

by r0h1t on 9. August 2012 - 10:12  (97455)

The user (DennisO) is being facetious :)

What he's pointing out is the typo where it says "linux -mint" will return "results with the word linux and without the word linux". Obviously that needs to be "results with the word linux and without the word mint".

Hope that's clearer :)

by DennisO (not verified) on 10. August 2012 - 7:17  (97497)

Yes r0hit. I usually don't bother to point out 'arrows' because we all make 'em. However, that one hit my funnybone. Glad you "got" it.

by mr6n8 on 9. August 2012 - 11:03  (97457)


by Mr_Anonymous (not verified) on 8. August 2012 - 18:13  (97416)

There're two other sites which I believe deserve honorable mentions: and
check'em out and replay with your opinions.

by Mr_Anonymous (not verified) on 8. August 2012 - 18:32  (97419)

I forgot to mention if anyone has heard about the Annonymous bittorrent client called "Anomos"? I hear its suppose to encrypt your downloading progress, sort of like using a VPN but for torrents. Just thought its pretty cool.

by mr6n8 on 8. August 2012 - 18:53  (97421)

See my answer over at Best Free Bittorrent Client

by mr6n8 on 8. August 2012 - 18:24  (97418)

If you mean then I agree. That site is listed at my Best Free Torrent Search Sites page here. They are relative newcomers, but have a good reputation for high quality releases in a small download. Also, all the torrents there appear to be clean and real.

Ahashare looks interesting and I will take a further look. The articles here are for newer users and I try to choose ones that make it easy to weed out the bad torrents. It does look good, but I will go through it in some more detail to make sure.

I will add the YIFY here as I forgot when I recently added it to the search site page.



by qBittorrent? (not verified) on 8. August 2012 - 15:49  (97406)

I used to use utorrent for getting files, but now use qBittorrent. It has the built-in search engines and works quite well, except one has to be quite careful for garbage files after going through the search results.

by mr6n8 on 8. August 2012 - 16:07  (97410)

Everyone has their personal preference, but I rate qBittorrent the best.

Their built in search is better than any I have seen. I have a page here with info on the qBittorrent search.


by GeneralGeorge (not verified) on 8. August 2012 - 15:47  (97404)

Thanks. Now that Demomoid is down (Hoping it comes back soon) I am afraid to use most torrent sites. There are so many with virus laden downloads. There should be a way to weed those out but haven't heard of any.

by mr6n8 on 8. August 2012 - 16:11  (97412)

The best way is to use private sites, but you pretty much have to leave your bittorrent client running 24/7 when using private sites. Demonoid was semi-private and was unusual in that it had no ratio or minimum seeding times, yet they were excellent in weeding out fakes. I was a long time member there (original and resurrected) and am sad to see them go. Lots of nice features.

As to public sites, there are some ways to insure a clean download listed here:

As to Demonoid coming back soon, they have resurrected several times and I guess you can never count them out, but things are not looking good this time.


by rango (not verified) on 8. August 2012 - 15:08  (97394)

Thanks for the article. I tried and create one more search option, and it works. Put this as searh engine:

It is a nice movie torrent site.


And, yes, I removed Demonoid, cos it is dead and gone forever.

by mr6n8 on 8. August 2012 - 15:18  (97397)

Thanks for the reminder about Demonoid. I am going to remove it.

As to TorrentButler, some users may like that site (and it has a green rating from WOT), so I will leave your entry up in the comments. I am not a big fan of how they present torrents as there is no way to see comments or ratings to determine it the content is clean and real. They may well filter out bad torrents, but I see nothing at the site to indicate that. Anyhow, I am not inclined to add it to the article as that would imply it is a suggested site.


by Quetzalcoatl (not verified) on 8. August 2012 - 15:08  (97393)

Better use Tixati , if you continue using utorrent sooner rather than later you will regret it. Those people are sold out to the RIAA and the MPAA.

by mr6n8 on 8. August 2012 - 15:24  (97400)

Are people still going on about the uTorrent/BitTorrent "sell out". Since that false rumor started (years ago), uTorrent has risen to be, by far and away, the most popular bittorrent client and there is no evidence that their users are more likely to be monitored.

What bothers me more about uTorrent/BitTorrent is their inclusion of toolbars and addons in the installation process.

As to Tixati, it is a good client (has none of the toolbar/addon) and is suggested in my Best Free Bittorrent Client review, but I prefer the open source qBittorrent or Deluge (which also have a clean install). But Tixati does have its followers and has a very nice GUI.


by 87459854578475 (not verified) on 7. August 2012 - 6:15  (97327)

Wow this was really helpful and straightforward, exactly what I was looking for. Thank you :)

by melbuni (not verified) on 25. July 2012 - 2:01  (96627)

I think you'll find that btjunkie is no more, having closed down for the usual reasons a while back. However, you probably nailed it in suggesting that between KAT and torrentz all needs would be covered.

by mr6n8 on 25. July 2012 - 6:02  (96634)

Thanks for that.
I was aware of btjunkie's closing, but had not updated here.


by Becca Ponder (not verified) on 24. July 2012 - 6:55  (96578)

I am totally uncomputer savvy. All I wanted to do is to try and find out the name and possible artist of an oldie that came into my head a few weeks ago. Instead of getting help, I only got line after line after line of "stuff" that makes totally NO sense to me whatsoever. I'm sure lots of time and effort was put into this, but for me it was time wasted, since it does nothing to help me find what I'm looking for. I'm not being unkind, I'm just stating a fact. There are probably many more just like me whose talents lie in other areas and would appreciate a little (or a lot) of understanding and laymans terms to give us help. I am just trying to find out the real name of an oldie. I call the title "WHERE" because as best as I can remember, that is the most substantial word in the song. One other phrase that is either in the song (or I dreamed that it was in the song) is "where are you princess, are you crying too? Also, it seems like "week and week after" is somewhere in the song also. The only other "clue" I can give is that I can hum a part of it. Please, if you can, try to help me. Thx, Rebecca Ponder

by MidnightCowboy on 24. July 2012 - 7:34  (96579)
by Ian (not verified) on 7. July 2012 - 23:44  (95875)

Yeah good post, thanks for taking the time to put it together.

Q for you. I'm a Vuze user and this has 17 search tracker templates built in or I should say available that you can add.

Tell me, can uTorrent search in a similar vein and search multiple sites at once and display the result in the uTorrent client?

I've just DL it and it searches in Bing for some odd reason, what is that all about?


by mr6n8 on 8. July 2012 - 1:05  (95882)

I am familiar with the Vuze meta search. You may well be referring to the search templates I put up at Google sites and in a guide here:

You can add sites in to the uTorrent search function (and remove Bing) as set forth in this guide. There are quite a few examples in the guide to copy and it is not hard to make a new one.

But it does not search as Vuze does. The uTorrent search goes to each site individually through your browser and you have to choose the site to search (and redo if you want another site).

Each has its advantages and disadvantages, The Vuze search does cover all those sites at once, but it is not as thorough in results at each site as a direct search at the site. For instance, a search of the word "potter" at KAT (or through uTorrent to KAT) has 4,969 results, while a search for potter in Vuze with the KAT template has 30 results.

The best of all is the qBittorrent search engine. It searches a good number of sites all at once and returns far more results than Vuze, equivalent to a search at the site (with an option to visit the page at the site as Vuze does).

But really it is not necessary to search all the sites. indexes just about every site that there is.

Many of the sites indexed there have several million torrents and one can find most anything at one of those. I prefer KAT, but there are several excellent sites.

Anyhow, the uTorrent does not do a meta search as Vuze does, but using one of he meta search sites on the web through uTorrent will get better results than Vuze.


by Bailmont (not verified) on 16. June 2012 - 19:55  (94980)

Very helpful.

Thank You,

by mr6n8 on 16. June 2012 - 20:06  (94982)

Glad to hear it and thanks for the "thanks"